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Lisa asks…

what happened to my site?

I recently reseted my laptop and pokerstars was working fine before reseting my PC. When I receted the Lap Top Pokerstars does not seem to work no more. I tried to delete the program and restart a new one but it still does not work, then I tried to download a new site called paradise poker and that site is giving me problems aswell. What is wrong with my Lap top? Please Help… Excuse my writting English is not my first language.

admin answers:

Sounds like you have SpyWare that needs to be cleaned up before more problems result. I suggest SpyBot.

Jenny asks…

Can the Nokia Nseries- N800 and N810 download poker software?

such as the and

admin answers:

From my experience, I think most of the poker software is pretty limited, though I think I’ve heard something about pokerstars in the past.

Helen asks…

I can’t withdraw from Pokerstars?

When i try to log onto my pokerstars account i need to update it because it says my version running is old. So then i follow the instructions to update it but am cut short by the FBI page. So i can’t download the new version so i can get into my cashier to cash out.

admin answers:

And what was the response when you sent the email to

Steven asks…

A good website to play poker free?

I suddenly became interested in learning poker, and I was wondering what might be a good site to start playing, free of any charge? I’ve already downloaded th pokerstars program, but I was wondering if that might be suitable for a beginner.

admin answers:

Poker Stars will work, but Full Tilt Poker is a better program. It’s got a more relaxed, comfortable feel to it.

Thomas asks…

can u play for fun without real money on

can u play for fun as in not use real money on
just a normal no money poker game?

tell me a bit about the site i think i might download it.
be descriptive!!

admin answers:

Yes pokerstars has play money tourneys, they also have play money ring game tables.
Pokerstars also have freerolls which are totally free and give you a chance at some real money.
Pokerstars is by far the biggest and the best site. There software is better they have more players, they have more games. They are simply just the best.
However if you do decide to deposit money and play. They might not be the best choice. Due to there VIP program. There vip program is gear solely to the higher end players. So if you ever do want to deposit IM me and i will give you more info on your choices.
But for free or play money nobody beats Pokerstars.

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