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Mandy asks…

How can i get a poker club at my school approved?

Well i’m interested in starting a poker club at my high school but am aware of the opposition i will quickly be facing. The poker wouldn’t involve money but strategy and odds. How can i get such a club approved? Tips. Ideas. Anything accepted.

admin answers:

How about you just have an online poker club? Like you all meet online, that way you don’t need to ask permissions and such. And for your practices on strategies and odds, you can make your own room and everybody plays and interacts there. You can have your room in an online poker site like

Daniel asks…

Which online poker site is good for a beginner?

I am new to poker and want to know what are some relatively safe sites to start with?
Which site do you recommend?

admin answers:

Bodog. The place is predominately a sportsbook and it is NOT filled with skilled poker players. I know because I play there and I do fairly well at the low limit tables and I absolutely suck at poker!

George asks…

What online poker tournaments should I use?

I’ve got $50 and I’m thinking of just entering tournaments instead of cash games, so what buy ins do you advise I choose?

Its on 888 poker.

$1 buy ins maybe? Also is it wise that I use this money just on tournaments? Thanks.

admin answers:

Well the level you play SHOULD always be based on having 25 times the buy in, so its easy math you can play 2.00 tournaments, if you lose money and say only have 40 dollars in your account, then start playing 1.60 buy ins (or around that, 40/25) Say you make it up to 100 dollars, then you can play 4 dollar buy ins.

Laura asks…

Where can I find free poker training videos?

Does anyone know of any good places to find free poker training videos? I want to improve my poker game.

admin answers:

Http:// – the video section is really good once you’ve signed up. If you look at just the beginner videos you’ll probably be put off but play on a tracked account and you unlock much better quality content.

Mary asks…

How much do you have to deposit on Poker Stars before you can withdraw your money?

Well I was wondering how much money I have to deposit to be able to withdraw my money that I made on Poker Stars. I haven’t deposited once yet so I was wondering. Thanks!
So I don’t have to deposit anything to w/d $50? But what if I want to withdraw more?

admin answers:

I have never deposited on Pokerstars and had made withdrawals many times. My first one was $200.

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