Your Questions About Poker Face

William asks…

What does it mean if someone says you have a good poker face?

Someone told me that I often have a blank expression when I speak and that I would be really good at poker. They said that others can’t tell what I’m thinking or anything. Surely this is not a good thing? The person said they really wish they could do it so find me interesting but unless I’m playing poker, which I don’t, it seems bad to hide emotions from others? I don’t know why i do this face either.. Would someone with a blank expression be hiding things from people? Or do they just not want to show people their thoughts and feelings? So confused! :L

admin answers:

Personally I think its a good thing it just all depends on how you take it when someone makes the comment on you. Its just who you are don’t try to hard to show emotion cause chances are you are tyring to hard and you look weird in the process. It looks me professional if anything.

Richard asks…

What is a poker face and whats with the poker face meme?

I don’t get it

admin answers:

Well in poker if you have a good hand and not want people to know it you pull off a poker face an expression with little to no expression trying to get into the minds of others

The meme is usually accosciated with being in a conversation that gets awkward but you don’t wanna make it seem like it is getting awkward

John asks…

What pants is lady gaga wearing in poker face?

at the very beginning the black spandex ones

admin answers:

They are hot pants (short shorts) not pants!

Joseph asks…

How to have a poker face?

What are some tips? please help! I’m desperate for tips. I’ve tried hiding my feelings many times but, it never works.

admin answers:

Hide all your expressions while playing poker. Don’t make any change in your expression whether you got a good hand or if you are having a bad hand.
Just raise regularly if your hands are OK. And just fold out with bad hands. But don’t show any expression.

James asks…

Anyone think Lady GaGa’s Poker Face should’ve won for Video of the Year at the 2009 MTV VMAs?

Her video was sexy, futuristic, fashion+glamorous. So how could she lose to beyonce. I know Beyonce’s video caused a dance. But lady gaga was just out of this world. Anyone agree?

admin answers:

Lady Gaga’s was amazing.
Much better than Beyonce’s in my opinion!
Definitely think she should have won it


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