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Nancy asks…

If a poker pro came to my weekly home games would he/she destroy everyone every week without fail?

And if so what would they do that was so different that me and my friends can’t do?

admin answers:

Poker is not a game that you can win every time. There is variance involved, or in other words pure dumb luck.

So even the best players in the world, would not beat your home game every single time. However, if they came to your game every week for a year, I suspect they would show a pretty impressive profit by the end of the year, compared to what you and your friends showed for the same time period.

Professional players have a number of skills that you and your friends probably don’t have. They can probably remember situations with the cards better, learning tells that you and your friends have based on past experience. They probably understand the math better, including probability and even to some extent hand strength. And since they have probably played significantly more than you and your friends, they probably have a lot more experience to draw on.

Pros also think about poker on a much deeper level than typical amateur players. An amateur thinks about what hand they have, and vaguely about how good that hand is. A pro is also thinking about the range of hands his opponents are on. But then they are also thinking about the range of hands his opponents think that he is on.

So the depth of thinking can get pretty deep, generally several levels deeper than an amateur. And like a good chess player, they plan ahead too. They are thinking about how they will respond to various scenarios on the turn and river, perhaps even setting up plays on earlier streets to carry out later in a variety of situations. Whereas most amateurs simply react when it is their turn, with less of a game plan than a pro.

Paul asks…

Highest cash paid in the poker games ever?

admin answers:

As far as I know, the guy Dario Minieri has won the $528,418 as one of the highest cash paid in the poker games. He challenged more than a thousand players and beating them out won the bracelet. It was the second consecutive year for the guy who found it of a great interest playing marvelously and defeated a number of reputed clients.

You can view the video via


James asks…

what r good gambling games besides poker and blackjack?

admin answers:

The most common and popular are Craps, Roulette, and slot machines, but there are TONS more.

(See the websites below.)

Just understand one thing – Gambling is how you LOSE money, not make money. Only a fool believes otherwise.

Michael asks…

can not talk to players at poker games?

when playing texas hold em poker how do i talk to players
when i am playing on the internet how do i talk to players

admin answers:

Common courtesy dictates that you cannot talk to someone in a hand (meaning the guy is still playing), especially if you have folded already. Likewise, if you have to talk to someone on the table, don’t talk about the current hand in play. Never tell anyone what cards you folded if the hand is still in play. Do not offer any unsolicited advice or analysis of the hand currently being played.

However, you may try to get more information about his hand by talking to someone you are currently in a hand with, by talking to him. You can even talk him out of betting or even convince him to fold, by telling him that you have the better hand. All of this kind of talk is part of bluffing.

Donald asks…

Mocospace using an iPad is not allowing me to play poker game?

It used to let me accept invites into live poker games on my iPad but recently I been having troubles with staying in poker and other stuff

admin answers:

Thank you for sharing this. I am sorry for your troubles.

Come back sometime if you actually think of a question.

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