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Susan asks…

confused at poker rules help?

is it legal in a middle of a poker game to GIVE all your chips away to another player

admin answers:

If that person pockets the chips, yes. But if that person wants to add the chips to their stack, they can only add an amount that keeps their stack at or below the maximum buy-in.

That answer assumes the following:
1) You’re talking about actually giving the chips, not just going all-in vs them knowing you’ll lose.
2) This is a cash game, not a tournament.
3) You’re about to leave (as opposed to pull cash out and rebuy).
4) This is at a casino (at home game the host/players make the rules).

James asks…

Texas Hold Em Poker Rules?

If both players have the same high card in a straight, do you just split the pot? Or go off the other card in your hand or does card suit come into question?

Also, same question if both players have equal pairs.

admin answers:

The suit never comes into question in Texas Hold Em.

If two people have the same strait, they split the pot.
My cards: A-5
Your cards: 5-J
Flop: 4-J-7 Turn: 6 River: 8

My best five of seven cards is 4-5-6-7-8
Your best five of seven cards is 4-5-6-7-8
We split the pot.

If we both have equal pairs, like let’s say I have K-K and you have K-K, then we decide the winner by the kicker.

If my best of five cards is K-K-9-6-4
and your best of five cards is K-K-A-9-4

You win because your A kick beats my 9 kicker.

If I have K-K-9-6-4 and you have K-K-9-7-2, you still win because while we tie on the kicker, the second (my 6 VS your 7) come into account and 7 beats a 6.

If I have K-K-A-6-5 and you have K-K-A-6-5 we split the pot.

Remember that is is always best five of seven cards, the two extra cards mean nothing – it is as if they don’t exist.

Hope this helped, any questions? Just ask.

Lisa asks…

whats the rule of thumb for the minimum buy in for a poker game?

is it 10 times the big blind or something else? thanks!

admin answers:

I would recommend buying in for the max allowed for the game you are playing „most tables the max is 20bb“ but be sure to keep 20 buyins for NL Holdem or 300 big blinds for Limit Holdem in your total bankroll for the stake your playing so you don’t go bust.

If you feel comfortable playing with 10x bb, i’d say go fo it but you’ll have less room for error and just be sure to stay within your bankroll limits. If you want more info. On this there is a good bankroll management article at that should help you out.

Daniel asks…

Every Friday night I get together with the guys and play poker at a friends house but she has a rule?

Before I can leave the house, she puts out my bib overalls to wear. She not only puts them out for me to wear, but she insists I wear them and I cannot go unless I wear them. Is she insecure and wants to control me? Why bib overalls?

admin answers:

That’s an easy answer, nobody is gonna try and hit on you when you are wearing bib overalls. So she can rest assured that you won’t be cheating on her? If that isn’t the right answer I really have no idea why she wnats you to wear them, maybe because you might ruin your new clothes?

Sandra asks…

Best way to learn how to play poker?

I don’t know how to play but I’ve always wanted to learn. I don’t really have any friends that play all the time either. How can I learn? I’ve read the rules and still don’t get it.

admin answers:

If you have facebook, get Zynga poker. It’s free and you can learn by playing. To figure out which hands win, google them, or I think Zynga has a tutorial you could use

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