Your Questions About Poker Face

Steven asks…

What does it mean when people say put on your „poker face“?

is that like your serious face ?

admin answers:

A face that cannot be read: no expression

Laura asks…

Where can I watch the episode of Eric Cartman singing poker face?

I barley found the music (i ROFLed)….but i really wanna see the episode!!!

admin answers:


You can watch the full episode there for free on 11/28.

Mary asks…

In what year was the song „Poker Face“ made in?

I want to know the year Poker Face was made. Please and thank you!!!

admin answers:

2009….. This year it just came out in the month of march

Helen asks…

Is the south park version of poker face on iTunes?

My friend told me it was but I can’t find it to save my life. Someone help me

admin answers:

I agree. Your friend is an asshole.

Sandra asks…

How do I get a killer poker face?

admin answers:

Practice while watching the funniest comedies and most disgusting things you can find.

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