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Nancy asks…

What power supplies are compatable with the hp pav xt933?

I have to replace the original (Bestec ATX 1523D). I could order the same Bestec model from the net but would rather pick one up at a local store like Walmart or Office Depot.

What other brands can I use for this computer?

Thank you 🙂

admin answers:

You could try Shark:

Thomas asks…

Where should I look for a replacement computer part?

I am trying to find a replacement part for a Bestec ATX-1956D power supply that had it’s fan burn out.
The ATX-1956D is the psu, but the configuration of the screws is for a regular atx psu, while the overall size is of a micro atx psu so the regular sized one with the correct screw configuration won’t fit. I cannot find any locally and I cannot find any through the computer manufacturer.

admin answers:

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David asks…

upgrade for bestec atx-300-12e rev:d1r?

what psu’s would have all the same wires,if more wires but still has all the ones this one does its fine.must have same dimensions.I’m looking for a psu thats 400 watts or more & from a reliable company.preferably somewhat cheap.
dimensions:6″ Wide X 3.5″ Tall X 5.5″ Deep
output:300 watts max

admin answers:

>See this, here are some Bestec power supply replacements:

Mark asks…

Why did my GeForce 8800 GT work with a 250w PSU?

According to Nvidia, the minimum recommended system power for the 8800 GT graphics card is 400w. However, I ran it for years with no problems with a Bestec ATX 250 12Z D7R power supply that is only 250w. What am I missing?

admin answers:

It’s all a recommendation, no more, no less.

Along with your CPU, your GPU is one of the most power hungry components in your computer. In order to avoid possible issues, some of the manufacturers may recommend a higher wattage than necessary so that your computer doesn’t behave strangely when under-supplied with power.

Another unknown is the power supply itself. Every power supply has an efficiency that it can reach (many are 75%-80%). When you buy a power supply rated for 400w, if it is 75% efficient then you will only be able to get 300w out of it at it’s peak. It’s possible that Nvidia did some speculation and assumed that your power supply would be 75% efficient, meaning that the GPU really only needed 300W total, but to get that you would need a 400w power supply.

Another factor yet are your other system components. If you have multiple CD drives, HDDs and a power hungry processor, that will leave little left over for the GPU. If you have low power requirements elsewhere, then you likely had plenty of juice left over for the GPU.

Short answer? I don’t think anyone is going to really be able to give you an answer. However, you should not take this a green light to ignore manufacturer recommendations down the line. Weird system behavior (screens freezing, computer crashing, etc) may be the least of your concerns if you under-power some components.. It’s doubtful that low power will damage any hardware, but if you damage your power supply, you don’t know if that damage will extend to any of your other hardware. A good source is the PSU Calculator, linked below. It is very accurate and up to date. I use it whenever designing a new system.

Mary asks…

What Upgrades are Available for My PC?

I am using an HP Pavilion a1323w desktop computer with an asterope-gl8e motherboard and a Bestec ATX-300-12z power supply, and I would like to know what upgrades would be available to me, e.g. RAM, GPU, CPU, etc?

admin answers:

Memory you can add 1gb more of ddr 2.

Also check out at Ebay

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