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Helen asks…

all online gaming fans most helpful with poker games?

im looking for a online texas hold em poker game. i have been to it before and seen it on tv commercials. i think it starts with a A but not sure. if any of you know what the most popular and free online poker games are please tell me

admin answers:

Http:// is the best because it is not blocked by many school and work filters and has a great selection of games. They are no-download games, you just play them from your browser, and Now they just started letting you sign up for free for full membership, not many places have 8000+ games for free! They are perfect for the type of game you are describing. All you have to do is search for the game you want in the search box on the top right side! They have loads of other games as well.

Linda asks…

Where can I find a free online poker game where you can start a tournament with play money?

Few friends want to play some Texas Hold’em with each other just for fun. Problem is we can’t find a site that allows you to create your own game and make it private with play money. Seen a couple with real cash but they didn’t have an option for play cash.

admin answers:

those two sites allow playing poker for free, without paying cash, but i don’t know if you can play a free game with real bets.

Ken asks…

Anyone know of any good sites for FREE online video poker games?

I’m looking for multi-hand dueces wild poker without downloading anything.

admin answers:

Check these out..some of them get exactly wat u want….


Michael asks…

What’s a good free online poker game site ?

I like to play Taxes hold’em poker. But the site I usually use is down. I don’t want to play for money. Just for fun. Is there a web site ?

admin answers:

This place is great, I’ve been signed up for about 6 months and absolutly love it.


Betty asks…

Where can i find a free online poker game?

This must be 100% free no money at all, if possible as real as you can get. eg make account and sign up and can play day after day and build up your money total

admin answers:

Ive been playing nearly 6 years now been on almost every poker site you can imagine i say play on fulltilt poker, play chips, freemoney, in the mean time, you can play freerolls to win real money, ive never deposited b4 and i have… Lets just say i wont be going broke anytime soon;D… Pokerstars… Ehhhh blinds such only like two levels but has 5 card draw and budagi and ftp doesnt, ftp has all the others horse, No Limit, omaha stud, very good blinds alot of stakes 1/2 all the way to 50/100k i think, stars up to 50/100 sucks, party poker SUCKS, wpt is closed lol, doyles room same problem as stars not enough stakes… Play full tilt

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