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Mandy asks…

How do you calculate your love life etc using poker cards ?

My friend was doing this calculation using the poker cards last week and I was kinda interested so is there any other ways ?
Thanks fr answering ! 🙂

admin answers:

Using poker cards to find out about your love life is kind of like gambling with your love life, isn’t it?
here’s a website on how to do it, it should help.
If that doesn’t work, google poker cards future

Daniel asks…

What should one know before the first time they go to a casino to play poker?

I have played a lot of online poker before but I am thinking of going to the casino for the first time in a few days. What differences should I know about?

admin answers:

Online poker is quite different.

Make sure you really understand the rules, and the way the game plays out (in terms of blinds, big blinds et). Normally online poker will prompt you, so you dont need to think about it, but at a real poker table, you really need to know whats going on so you dont look foolish.

If other players can see that you dont really know whats going on, they will target you and you will be *slaughtered*.

Also read up about etiquette. There are certain things you can do in online poker that would be considered rude at a real table.

You will most likely lose heavily at your first few games at a real poker table. Factor this into your budget, and make sure you know how much you are planning to spend *before* you sit down, and stick to it. Over time you will become more comfortable with playing at a table, and become better. There’s no real substitute for experience though.

Finally: If you are going in the hope of playing well, then AVOID ALCOHOL.
If you just want to have a fun time, and dont mind losing the money you take to the casino, then sure, drink, and enjoy the ride, but expect to lose

Donna asks…

What style of poker is played at the Stratosphere?

A few of my friends and I are going to Vegas for a week in September, and I’m curious what style of poker is played at the Stratosphere, and what a typical bet is. Thanks for any info!

admin answers:

I think that you can find any style of poker that you like at the Stratosphere. If you don’t find the game that you are looking for there, you can pretty much walk to the Sahara, Wynn, Encore, etc. If you are concerned about money limits, the limits are generally raised on the weekends. Lower limits can be found at the downtown casinos, higher limits at the pricey strip hotels. Have fun in Vegas, thanks for visiting.

Ruth asks…

What is the best and easiest way to calculate poker hand strength?

What is the best and easiest way to calculate poker hand strength? Pre and post flop???

admin answers:

To calculate the odds of making a hand…like 1 care to the flush…count your outs and multiply by 2…then multiply that by the number of cards to come.

For instance, if you have 4 cards to the flush after the flop..

You have 9 outs with 2 cards to come

9 X 2 X 2 = 36%

Not exact but pretty darn close.

James asks…

What is the worst hand you can have i poker?

so im writing a story and character X needs to have a bad poker hand with not alot of chance of winning, however she sees through the other opponents (character Y) card and his are worse than hers! so she raises even more money and wins! what hands would be good for me to use?

admin answers:

Statistics say that 7 / 2 offsuit is the worst hand You can get ( in Texas Holdem Poker ).

If You would like character x to win a lot of money then You should not give him a too bad hand, because with character y having an ever weaker hand he would fold early.

For character x to win a huge amount he/she should have 2 3 and character y should have 2 Aces.
If the flop brings up an Ace a 4 and a 5 then, character y would have 3 of a kind aces, which is a very strong hand, but he would be beaten by character x holding a straight from ace to 5.

So while character y holds very powerful pocket cards and x holding very weak pocket cards x would still win the hand in the end.

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