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Jenny asks…

On pokemon white/black, i have the pokerus virus, but the virus doesn’t give boosted Stat points, why not?

For instance, i have a wild deino caught at lvl 38 without pokerus, and i have a deino infected with pokerus, which i trained from lvl 1. BUT.. THE STATS OF THOSE 2 ARE ALMOST THE SAME ON
LVL 45.
How can this be? Any usefull information would be welcome, thanks^^

admin answers:

The changes will be more and more visible as the 2 Deinos go up in levels. Usually, the change between 2 identical Pokémon is noticeable at around level 80, being the most noticeable, of course, when both are at level 100.

Just give it time and keep training them.

Sandra asks…

the pokerus in black and white?

this is the thing: today i traded a pokemon over GTS i chek the pokemon and it has a purple (serius) face on top were it says „item“ in his summary (on my black version). does this means that i can still spread the pokerus or does it mean that he had it before?
i went to heal some pokemon and the nurse told me that my pokemon has the pokerus… ive try to spread it to my other pokemon but it hasent happend yet.

can someone help? and i will also (if still spreadable) like to sed it to some of you guys just write down youre info.
my name is Gerardo and my palpad is 4770 7833 2235

admin answers:

The other answers are right. The only thing wrong is they do not lose it after 24 hours. They lose it after midnight. If they are in the pc at midnight, they won’t be cured and you can take them out safely at 12:01.

Also, if you can trade anyone with it that’s still purple (contagious) I can give you a first gen starter if you’d like. Just let me know via email when to get in the wifi room.
In game name: Legend
FC: 5071 3274 1372

Daniel asks…

Can some one trade me pokerus or a ditto plz on Pokemon black and white?

i only have 4 badges i am trying to Ev train and breed my dewott and cyandquil will give u there eggs if you help-name-TJ-friend code-1678-5567-1190 thanks
plzz meet me in middle room

i have no idea how to respond to you guys by the way

admin answers:

I can give you a pokerus or a ditto

2537 3066 4654

Steven asks…

Shiny Zorua on Pokemon Black/White?

Can anyone trade me a shiny Zorua on pokemon Black/White? I can trade you any pokemon from generations 1-4, and I have some good pokemon with pokerus, too. Some of the better pokemon I have and will trade are:

Lv. 71 Lucario Male With Non-Infectious Pokerus
Lv. 98 Charizard Female with non-infectious Pokerus
Lv. 25 Zorua Female with Infectious Pokerus
Lv. 43 Riakou Infectious Pokerus
And of the Black/White Starters with Pokerus (Any level & Evolution stage you want up to 50)
Lv. 30 Shiny Gyarados Male with Infectious Pokerus
Lv: 60 Shiny Entei with infectious Pokerus
Pansage and Pansear: Any level up to 50
*I can also give you another EXP share with any of the pokemon

So if Anyone has a Shiny Zorua (or Zoroark) feel free to let me know.
Friend Code is 1034-1103-2926

admin answers:

I have a shiny zorua, but i want a shiny bagon, shiny shelgon, or shiny salamence for it. Get me that, and you got yourself a deal! 😀

Robert asks…

Could someone trade me a Pokerus Infected Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?

Hey, I’m Josh and I got Black and White a few days ago. I’ve made some fast progress. I’m at Nimbasa City at the moment.
I want to start EV training Pokemon, but because Macho Brace is a pain in the ass for my Pokemon’s speed, I wondered if it was possible for someone to trade me a Pokerus Infected Pokemon?
I do have some Pokemon which I migrated from my HG onto my brother’s Pokemon White and traded onto my Black version.

I can offer:
Metagross – Level 100
Lugia – Level 71
Aerodactyl – Male – Level 100 (Nicknamed)
Mewtwo – Level 70
Crobat – Male – Level 100
Celebi – Level 100 (Nicknamed)
Houndoom – Male – Level 100 (Nicknamed)
Dusknoir – Male – Level 100
Venusaur – Male – Shiny – Level 100
Togekiss – Male – Level 100
Charizard – Male – Level 100

WiFi info:

Name: JOSH
Code: 4169 6388 4911

My email address is:

Please answer or email me if you are interested.
Thank you 😀
I have a european Black Version, as I am from the UK.

admin answers:

I can give you one. I want the Venusaur but I doubt it’s legit. Could you breed it and give me a Bulbasaur? If so then we have a deal. My White code is on my profile. Add it and message me with a time and date to trade.

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