Your Questions About Poker Odds

Mark asks…

Can video poker machines payout odds be set?

Old VP machines used to post on the front glass, „Machine uses one 52 card deck“. This disclaimer is no longer seen on most machines.

Even though the payouts are posted, can the house set these machines to “hit” winning combinations more or less from machine to machine?

admin answers:

No. The machines cannot be rigged to hit certain hands. Hands are determined by the luck of the draw, so to speak (assuming that the machine is not an illegally rigged machine).

The only way to manipulate the overall return percentage is to change the payout tables. For example, some pay 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush (aka 9/6 machines), but most pay 8 for a full house and 5 for a flush.

Sandra asks…

What are the approximate odds for someone to win the Texas Hold em World Series of Poker in 2009?

A friend of mine has been playing poker for one year. He thinks his chances to win the WSOP are better than his chance to win our state lottery. I think he’s nuts. How can you begin to even calculate what the actual odds are? Thousands enter and all are at various skill levels. Thanks, ~Tim

admin answers:

Let say 9500 enter his odds of winning is the same as the next person 1 in 9500
as where wining the lottery can be 1 in 12.5 million or so

Donald asks…

any good internet sites to teach poker odds?

take the game pretty serious and i fancy myself to be a pretty good player, but it is all by feel. i would love to learn more about the pot odds and such.

admin answers:

I like these two websites, they both have great information about odds (along with other usefull information).


I definately recommend you learn the odds of poker, otherwise your game will not progress very far. Not knowing the odds involved in a decision will cause you to make mistakes that you would not make had you known the odds. These mistakes could be folding when you should call/raise, calling/raising when you should check/fold, slow playing when you should force your opponent to pay to see a card, or many other mistakes. Playing by feel will really only help you if you’re playing against other people that do not know the game very well – against good opponents you need to know the odds involved in every hand.

Sharon asks…

In poker the odds of flopping trips when holding a pocket pair are?

The odds of flopping trips when holding a pocket pair are around 8:1 but what are the odds of flopping a set when you dont have a pair?

admin answers:

Your odds are 73.2 to 1 or 1.35%

Mary asks…

in 5 card poker the odds for a flush seem fine, in 7 card poker, they seem to happen more than a straight, tru?

Seems like I see more flushes in 7 card poker than I see straights, is this accurate or am I just tripping again?

admin answers:

Nope, tripping again.

You might see more flushes in a game like hold em, though… But that’s only because people are a lot more likely to play suited cards, rather than cards like 8-J, that might get them a straight.

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