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Donald asks…

have u ever played online poker games for real money ?!?

hey guys
well i want to play poker for real money n i wanted to know do i really need to give them all my informations or not ?! this site ( asked even my address n phone number)
so i wanted to know is this necessary to give them all or i can make an account with fake info but my visa card number n start to play n buy chips ?
what do you say ?

admin answers:

Yes, I have been playing since early 2004. No, you can’t lie about anything. When you want to withdraw money especially the first time the site will require a few things including a copy of your ID plus proof you live where you do, a lot of sites want a bill like a phone bill from your house with your name on it. If you do lie they will find out and you will have broken their terms of service and they are not obligated to pay you the money you have won or pay you back for your initial deposit.

Ruth asks…

how can i write to other players in poker games?

admin answers:

Use the chat tab. Write your messages there and press enter when you are finished.

Robert asks…

Poker Games in El Paso?

Where can I find a poker game in El Paso, TX? There is a group of 4-5 looking.

admin answers:

4 or 5 people make an excellent poker game.

Try going to your basement and starting a game!

Carol asks…

Are there any poker sites that allow real money games?

I know that there were issues with the federal government and stuff, but are there any of these sites left? If so, could you let me have the name?

admin answers:

Lots of them are available for U.S. Residents and online poker never really went away just a few sites did. There is Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, Bovada Poker, Lock Poker, BetOnline Poker, Intertops Poker, Sportsbook Poker, and Juicy Stakes Poker. It’s best to check out the reviews and pick the best site/sites for you. Now some of these sites have a couple of states (they differ per site but it’s the same group of states) where they restrict the residents of that state from playing. If you live in Washington state then you can pretty much forget about playing as pretty much every site and the fact the state government passed a tough law for online gambling. Kentucky residents are also restricted from a lot of these sites. Obviously you won’t be able to sign up if you live in a state that a site restricts but odds are you will be fine.

David asks…

Why are poker games played on ESPN?

I’d just like some opinions because I really think it’s silly to turn on ESPN and see guys sitting around a table playing poker. I can understand why bowling and golfing are on ESPN…heck, I can understand why fishing is on ESPN…but poker?

Please feel free to share your opinions!

*I just asked this, but it got deleted…
Matt c- I agree. Dart competitions are just silly. I’d have to say they’re up there with the Poker World Series *lol*

admin answers:

I would rather watch tiddlywinks than poker. It is kind of like soccer, OK in a way to play, but to watch? Watching the wind blow and a yawning contest are more exciting.

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