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Donald asks…

in them million dollar poker games what is the entry fee?$?

admin answers:

It varies…if you’re talking about WSOP main event, it’s 10 grand. I think some of the WPT ones go as high as 25 grand.

William asks…

how do i log on to yahoo poker games in order for me to learn and participate later on?

admin answers:

Go to beginners lounge join as a watcher on a table with 4 players,ask if you can kibitz to learn.if they allow it you can see their cards and how they play.but do not make any comments or tell what cards they have.

Daniel asks…

What is a good way to describe a poker game?

Im trying to write a description of a poker game, but i cant think of a clever way to do it. More specifically, texas holdem. I kind of need to compare it to my life and i know how to do that but i need a descriptive way to describe the game so it makes the comparision more intreeging


admin answers:

Poker is so much like how people live their lives, it can make for a near perfect analogy no matter what you are trying to say.

Let’s take hold em. Each player decides whether or not to keep the cards he’s dealt or wait for the next hand. A smart player will be picky, keeping only hands with a lot of potential to be the best. In life, you choose the courses you take in school, the friends you make, a career goal — all of which can enrich your life immensely if you choose right.

Now comes the flop, turn and river in hold em, and you have more decisions at each point. How do you play your cards? Cautiously? Aggressively? Do you consider all the statistics, as well the other players‘ tendencies? Do you keep making the best choices you can? Or do you just try to bluff you way through everyone? Do you say — this isn’t working and fold in hopes of getting a better hand next time? Or do you stick with your hand no matter what, win or lose?

People do the same in life. They pick a major, a job, a girlfriend or boyfriend — and it might be giving them exactly what they wanted — or it may not be as good as they thought. They have to make choices at each stage.

Luck plays a huge part in both life and poker. So does preparation and knowledge. The more ready you are to take advantage of an opportunity, the more likely it will pay off. Some people are luckboxes and just fall into wonderful things. But, for the most part, the success you have in life and poker depends on you knowing what you need to know and being ready to grab that opportunity.

Betty asks…

How many of you held poker game at your home?

how many of you held a poker game in your home on weekends? i’ve been trying to find people in my area that helds no limit texas holdem poker at their home, but no luck. now i’m just curious how many people out there helds a poker game at their home. thanks in advance.
Thank you for the reply. any of you happen to live near Arlington Texas? if so please email. I would like to know more about it.

admin answers:

We live in rural Colorado and for the past couple of years Texas Hold ‚Em has been a really big game. There are several games around town, including some at my house. They are really fun. We play for money, usually everyone puts $10.00 in the pot and we play until there is a winner. Then depending on how many people were in the game we either play 1 and 2 or 1, 2, and 3 places. We allow re-buys during the first 30 minutes and then no longer, otherwise the game could last forever. This way anyone who gets beat out early doesn’t have to wait so long to get into the next game. Good luck finding a game in your area. This is a great game that one is always learning something new playing. Happy gambling.

Robert asks…

How do I get games on my ipod ?

I heard some kid saying he had a poker game on his ipod nano. How do I get games onto my ipod 30gb ?

admin answers:

That function is not possible for the ipod nano, it does not have the nessisary processers to do that, but later on this year they are releasing a ipod that can play games so wait untill then and you will be able to game on your ipod while you rock out.

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