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Jenny asks…

Does card counting work on online poker games?

ive always wondered this.
oops youre right i havent slept so i got backwards

admin answers:

No and it doesn’t work for offline poker games either, sounds like you’re getting Poker confused with Blackjack.

The equivalent or card counting in poker is counting your outs, which can be done online or off.

Edit as for Blackjack, not for online, see why here:;_ylt=AqsVbl6oBeKRiGhdo_P9xOzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120804205047AArjG9T

Mark asks…

Why are other games like 7 card stud and omaha also called poker?

i thought holdem was the only thing called poker???

BQ: how many types of poker is there?

admin answers:

Poker is a family of games that use the „Five-Card Poker Hand System“ and the „Poker Betting System“; there are four types of poker: Straight Poker, Draw Poker, Stud Poker and Community Poker.

Of those four sub-families, there are many variation. These are the most common ones:

Straight (The original form of poker, originally played with a 20 card deck)

Five-Card Draw (the oldest variation on this list, besides Straight Poker)
2-7 Single Draw
2-7 Triple Draw

Five-Card Stud
Seven-Card Stud

Texas Hold’em
Omaha Hold’em

There are even sub families to the individual games, for example: There’s Omaha, and then there’s Ohmaha High-Low Split Eight or better.

The first type of poker, though some could argue that this doesn’t constitute „real poker“ was first documented sometime in the year 1829; players would get five cards, a round of betting would occur, and then they’d show their hands, and the best hand would win. This is called Straight Poker. It’s often not considered real poker by many „poker historians“ because it was played with a 20 card deck, as opposed the 52 card deck which was incorporated into poker around the 1830s-1840s. There was many games vary similar to poker that have been around since the 1520s, such as Primero, and Three card brag.

As for the BQ, there are many different types of poker out there, hundreds for sure, and possibly thousands. Millions if you count the shitt people make up at their home games.

Chris asks…

Why does ESPN show car auctions and poker games??

admin answers:

Some of that programming is „purchased“ time by a company, and ESPN will guarantee that the series/program will air a certain number of times OR it is produced by ESPN and is cheap filler (the production costs are nil and it can draw ratings that appeases sponsors).

In the case of poker, the production costs are miniscule and there remains a solid market for what essentially is a package of „old“ events…..what you see on ESPN is vastly edited for airing.

Nancy asks…

On average, how many independent games of poker are required until a preassigned player is dealt a straight?

(5 card stud)

admin answers:

Assuming you are playing 5card poker
the probablity of a straight is 0.00392, so you would need to play about 255 games before getting a straight.

Lizzie asks…

What types of poker ring games can I play?

admin answers:

Every online poker offers different kinds of games. One of the widest selection is offered by Pokerstars, while others offer only Hold’em, Omaha and Stud.

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