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Linda asks…

What do you mean by best poker rakeback deals?

I have just started playing online poker rakeback games. So, I want to know what the best poker rakeback deals are.

admin answers:

Rakeback is a player rewards method that began in 2004, whereby some online poker sites or their affiliate partners return part of the rake or tournament entries a player pays as an incentive for them to continue playing on that site.

Rakeback in cash games can be calculated using two different methods: dealt and contributed. The dealt method awards the same amount of rakeback to each player dealt into a hand, and the contributed method rewards players based on their actual contribution to the pot. In poker tournaments, rakeback is deducted from cardroom’s entry fee. Rakeback is similar to comps in „brick and mortar“ casinos.

As online poker becomes more mainstream online poker professionals have begun using
rakeback as a means of increasing profits or cutting their losses. Depending upon the stakes the player is playing, how many tables they are playing at once, and the number of hours played daily, online poker pros can earn thousands of dollars in rakeback every month. This gave rise to so-called rakeback pros, players using a less intensive losing strategy at many tables simultaneously while offsetting their losses through rakeback.

Thomas asks…

How do I play poker for real money?

I have been playing poker for play money for about 2 years know. Iwant to
Expand. But for low stakes.

admin answers:

The best way for beginner to play real money poker is to get $50 starting bankroll at Poker Strategy, – just pass a simple quiz and you can start to play real money poker in one of the online poker rooms.

John asks…

What are the odds of four players playing poker all being dealt Royal Flushes in the same hand?

I was playing a little video game poker today and this question popped into my head. There are only 4 possible royal flushes in a deck. So if 4 players are playing a normal game of poker (no wilds), what are the odds that four people can be dealt a Royal flush in the same hand?

admin answers:

The odds are even slightly lower than the first responder indicates. That’s because each royal flush dealt reduces the odds for the next. The actual odds:

Player 1: 4/(52 * 51 * 50 * 49 * 48)
Player 2: 3/(47 * 46 * 45 * 44 * 43)
Player 3: 2/(42 * 41 * 40 * 39 * 38)
Player 4: 1/(37 * 36 * 35 * 34 * 33)

This makes the total odds 24/a really, really big number

Betty asks…

How do you remember all the moves in poker?

4 texas hold`em.

I seem to keep forgetting some of the moves in poker,(check/raise, fold) at certain times during a session – how do I remember them all easily and avoid making mistakes here,this being the simplest…???

admin answers:

Well it’s just 4 moves (bet, check, raise, fold) so It can’t be that hard to remember.

Jenny asks…

How do you fit sports and weight training with poker?

Does sports training and weightlifting interfere with your poker game? And if it does, how do you make it work?

admin answers:

It may increase your fatigue levels and stress levels so if you do this stop about an hour or so before your game and take a shower (or whatever you do to de-stress)

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