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Mandy asks…

what is the bestest ans cheaper university to study phisics in Winsconsin?

I’m Thinking to move next year to Racine, WI somebody knows the bestest and cheaper college to study phisics? thanks guys.

admin answers:

The best place to study physics in Wisconsin is UW Madison. It’s orders of magnitude better than any other school in Wisconsin for physics.

Laura asks…

Do you give the bestest answer to your most favouritest contact?

I gives it to whoever does the bestest answer.

admin answers:

I try to give it to the best answer but sometimes it’s hard to choose between some of them.

If it’s a tie then I like to give best answer to the one on the lowest level, especially if they’ve only just joined, give them some encouragement.

I don’t ask many questions [I already know everything ;-)] & not many of my contacts answer when I do.

Ruth asks…

What team from what year do you think was the bestest team in MLB history?

1927 Yankees?
1903 Red Sox?
1988 Dodgers?
1906 Cubs?

What Team From What Year Do You Think Is the Bestest Team in MLB history?
you dont have to pick the answer for this question only from those selections above…those are juss my selections…

admin answers:

The Cubs and Sox of 03 and 08 played a totally different game. Their ptching would be interesting today. They would knock down a lot of batters! The 98 Yankees came as close to the 27 and 61 Yankees as a pwerhouse can be. I’d think the 75 76 Reds should be mentioned over the 88 Dodgers.

Donna asks…

How do you make the BESTEST roast potatoes? All your tips please?

Anyone seen the M&S advert with Caroline Quentin? How do i get my roast potatoes to look like that? Really golden! and Crispy!
Even if you haven’t seent he advert please all your tips and trick will be much appreciated for the BESTEST roast potaotes Pleease……

admin answers:

I use a marinate of oil,italian herbs,salt pepper and honey. Then pour it over my washed potatoes,unpeeled. (I dont boil them.) Mix and bake them in the oven for abou 30-40 mins. Depends on the heat of your oven really.

Helen asks…

How and when should i tell my Bestest friend that i have my period?

or should i tell her at all. I mean she is like my BESTEST FRIEND EVER!! but i don’t know how to tell her. I saw her write a note to her mom when i was at her house that said to pick her up some personal stuff needs and then it said if only one get the big ones. do you think she was talking about pads and stuff? but anyways how should i tell her?? i know i want to cuz it would make things ALOT eayier.
Except i dont know,, im scared that if i tell her it’ll get out some how to my other friend.. her name is katie and when she herd that my other friend alex had hers she walked down the hall yelling „ALEX CAN GET PREGNANT!!“ i just dont want that to happen to me
crazy love,,, yes lol i do call that best friends! haha jk

admin answers:

I got mine in the fith grade and I ran up to my best friend and I just said it lol. We had talked about it before so it was no big deal. If she is really your best friend then she wouldn’t tell anyone so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. I say you just tell her. Oh, and she probably was talking about pads or tampons when she said „personal stuff“ Good luck!

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