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Sandy asks…

i keep getting adds for poker games betting sites i have add blockers ad ware spy bot and avg antivirus?

what do i need to keep my computer free of adds

admin answers:

I have every protection going & yet the spam keeps coming.

Sharon asks…

Are all poker games scored on the same points scale?

I am illiterate when it comes to poker but if someone finishes with 968.00 points, how much money would that be? Or does that vary from game to game and the points don’t always equal the same monetary amount?
by the way, I am asking about a real game in a tournament. Not an online game.
Someone told us they won 1.3 mil in a poker tourney. The story seemed flimsy so we looked them up and found an ameteur poker contest in which they were listed as the 3rd finisher with 968 points. DIdn’t know ameteur poker tourneys paid that high and still not sure what the points mean, yeah they finished third, so that means they were second to last to go out, but not sure about the monetery value of their winnings. thought Id try here. Just trying to get their story straight, as it seems they are lying about quite a few things. Not such a great poker face on this guy.

admin answers:

Sounds like some local bar league where they play a small tournament (probably free) once a week and at the end of the year the person with the most points wins some prize. It would be the person who had the highest average finish. Which games are scored in which way, we’d have no clue, it would be whatever that league decides.

So if that’s the only thing his name came up in, he was lying about the 1.3 mil. Try the Hendon Mob database.

Robert asks…

What should i expect at a strip poker game?

I was invited to a strip poker game for tonight. I know i should expect to be naked at sometime. ANyone else been to a game? what happened.
There is suppose to be 4 guys and another girl besides myself.
I dont mind getting naked at all. I am looking forward to it. sex acts? hmmmm ok I will have to check on that one.

admin answers:

Make sure you know the rules and how to play poker most importantly so you don’t get hosed and lied to. Some games require all players to start with the same amount of items of clothing, so get that squared away in advance. And depending on the crowd, it may not end at just getting naked, but there may be sexual acts involved if the setting is that permissable( you’re naked, but still in the game, but next loss means you have to do something sexual to the winner). So be sure you know what you’re getting into.

Lizzie asks…

is their a video poker game for the itouch like the ones in the bars, video lottery?

I would like it if there was a video poker game that when you win you have the option of doubling up. Is thier a game i can download onto my itouch?

admin answers:

Wild Jack casino has Jacks or Better video poker and about 10 other games like roulette, baccarat, slots, black jack, keno. The roulette is very well done graphics wise. No US players though.

Michael asks…

Where is the best place to find poker games in Austin?

Freaking dying, it used to be easy to find them, not it is harder than finding an 18 year old virgin. Suggestions?

admin answers:

You can try online poker. I think this is the best way to play poker.
You’ll have a great experience and you can play against your friends.
Check te link below and you will find the best poker resources.

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