Your Questions About Poker Face

Laura asks…

What is having a poker face?

My friend at school says I have a poker face a lot.
But what does it mean?

admin answers:

You look like 😐

Lisa asks…

ok in the lady gaga song poker face what does bluffin with my muffin mean?

ok so me and my friends think its like hilarious and its kinda our inside joke, but i just wanna make sure it has absolutely no meaning, just wondering if its some kinda wrong saying so yea does it even mean anything?

admin answers:

Umm.. Yes, it has a meaning. Lets just say, if you’re a girl, you have a muffin.

Steven asks…

What is lady gaga’s poker face song about and make her say by kid cudi?

well i was just wondering

admin answers:

Poker Face really means Poke-Her-Face.

Poke-Her-Face, A guy puts his D**k in the girls mouth. (Oral Sex)

Make Her Say, was originally called Poke-Her-Face, but they changed it at the end.

In the song you hear Kid Cudi say „I make her say“ then you hear a sample of Lady Gaga’s Poker face saying „Oh…ah..oh.ah..oh“(Girl Moaning)

So it means he Makes girls moan.

Richard asks…

Where can I watch Poker Face dance steps?


admin answers:


(choose me as your best answer!!)

Sandy asks…

Where is the intro from the song poker face?

i think that the intro like the first couple of seconds are similar to a popular 80’s song.. but i have no idea! it has been bugging me and if you could listen to the first seconds of the song and let me know

admin answers:

Sort of reminds me of Sweet Dreams_Eurythmics

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