Your Questions About Poker Rules

Mark asks…

I’m planning on putting clips of music on my Youtube. Is this against any rules?

There are two clips, about 10-15 seconds long. Of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. Will I be breaking any rules?
Yea, I wouldn’t mind. Free publicity.

admin answers:

Look at it this way.
If you were the artist who had recorded songs and released them, would you really want random strangers using YOUR songs in their videos?
Adult can’t quite get why teens don’t see the moral issues of such an action

Sandra asks…

With the exception of split pot, aren’t there always only one winner in Texas Hold’em poker?

I’ve been playing Zynga Poker on Facebook for quite some time now, and I’ve ran into this issue that’s really bugged me for quite some time.
Basically, whenever I win the round (say, with a three-of-a-kind) over a two-pair, according to my understanding of poker, I should take all of the pot, because I had the stronger hand. …which, I do take the pot, the very annoyingly the computer system seems to favor my fellow opponent, and they end up getting a larger portion of the pot compared to me?
I’ve never understood why – I’ve tried looking it up, but I’m still puzzled. Is this some flaw of the system, or is there a poker rule I’ve left out…?

admin answers:

You can only win the amount you have from any single opponent.

So if you have $1 and your opponent has $100, you can only win $1 from him. So if he bets $100 and you call with your $1 and you win, then you will end up with $2 and your opponent will get $99 back. The $99 that your opponent gets back was in a „side pot“.

John asks…

If people can wear sunglasses while playing poker, why don’t they just wear a face mask or something?

Or like a face warmer. Why not just go all the way? Is there a rule that prohibits this or something?

admin answers:

Well, the sunglasses only covers the eyes. A face-mask would basically cover the whole face; therefore, it isn’t possible to verify the person’s identity. Even if a person who wanted to cover his/her whole face were to show his/her face to security/judges/whatever to verify before sitting, it might not go very well with other players who might think otherwise (aka they might be paranoid of a conspiracy).

Also, with something like a face warmer, it would become easier to hide things like a headset or receiver.

Additionally, masks or a warmer are impractical. In a situation where there is more pressure, some people just sweat a lot. A warmer would, for instance, soak up all that sweat, leaving that person constantly being drenched by his/her own fluids.

Lastly, what benefit is there to hiding your face? There are benefits to hiding the eyes, but not much so with covering the face. Heck, even if you can cover your face, if you have any facial tells, they can still be seen.

Betty asks…

Poker help?

can some tell me the basic rules of poker and what is the game all about , how many players ect

thank you

admin answers:


or just google poker rules, youll get more info there, than waiting another hour for an answer

btw its a fun game!

Michael asks…

A rule about five card draw poker?

There`s an option to exchange cards, during this do you exchange amongst other players or from the remaining deck of cards?

admin answers:

The players get from the deck of cards. If a player chooses to exchange one card only, he may choose „one up“, meaning that he is dealt one card faced up, which he can either accept, or instead take the next card unseen. After the exchanges, the player with the best hand (and only one player) gets points for his hand. Then follows another round of exchanges, but no hand scoring.

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