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Nancy asks…

Poker Tips!!?

K, honestly I have never really played poker in my life, but on friday I was invited to a party and I kind of want to PWN when we play poker. Need the rules of the game and any tips/cheats/ etc. on how to win hahah!!


admin answers:

You will need to pratice befor you will be able to pwn. Try some of the online poker siters like pokerstart or fulltilt. Also there are many diffrent types of poker try to figgure out witchone you will be playing (probably texas hold’em) and learn how the rotation goes.

Sharon asks…

I need the Rules for the Racing Board Game..?

Since today is the Daytona 500 a bunch of us are playing the racing board game. It is like a real Nascar racetrack, but it is just a game. Now we have played it many times before in the past, but the past few years we have been playing poker. So we kind of forgot the rules. So, if any of you know what I’m talking about please tell me the rules to the racing board game.. I don’t know what the real name is. I tried searching it on Google and nothing useful came up! So please and Thank you!!!!


admin answers:

I haven’t heard of the game, but keep searching the internet, it is bound to be there somewhere.

Paul asks…

How to play poker? don’t know anything about it ?

Where can I find a web site that can teach me how to play poker the easiest way possible. A lot of people I know say is easy playing poker, but when they start to explain ……..? they loose me! I want to learn how to play poker, the basics to everything. I never played with cards …… ever………before so I dont even know what everything means, the sigs? the rules?

admin answers:

There have been plenty of good sites listed already and I am sure you can and will learn quite abit. Let me add one more…


Visit Learn to Win for the following reasons:

1. It is designed with beginners in mind.
2. A weekly newsletter is sent with instructive and informative materials aimed to help you to become a better poker player.
3. A poker pot odds calculator available to you to learn the percentages of hands winning preflop and flop.
4. Tons of material covering every aspect of poker. New material added weekly.

Mandy asks…

how to play poker? , the easiest way?

> What are the things that I SHOULD I learn/know to play poker?
> There are rules in any game, what are the most important and easy to remember in poker? (online)
> how would I know if I’m winning / losing?
> any hint or advices? (I know that I can google it up but personal advice from a pro is better)

> I played poker before..but it’s not serious..and I can’t even remember it.. i do it before as a warm up before I play chess..i want to get serious this time..please help
> thanx guys

admin answers:

There’s a lot to learn if you are serious about improving. Do a search for free poker tips, free poker lessons, free poker strategy, etc and dig in.

King Cobra Poker

Donna asks…

In Texas Hold’em poker can you turn over your hole cards if you are one of two players remaining in the hand?

If you have two players left in your hand, and you are one of them, are you permitted to reveal your cards?

Need some clarification on the rules.
Need to add to this:

Before the hand is over.

For example, first player bets, then the other player says „I’ve got blah blah“, and I need to think about this…

admin answers:

If there are 2 players left and 1 player bets all their chips, if the other player matched the bet you both show your cards and the communal cards get laid down.

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