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Mark asks…

what is a good birthday gift for someone who loves to play poker?

the person is turning eighteen, and i want to get them something like poker oriented i guess since poker seems to be his main obsession. not looking to get something huge like a poker table, but is there anything in the world of poker that is desirable to have? i don’t play so i wouldn’t have an idea.

admin answers:

You should get them personalized poker chips.Put their nick name or favorite number on the chips.

Carol asks…

How to always win in poker and become the best?

Can anyone tell me how to become the master and to always win in poker?

admin answers:

You cannot win every poker hand because poker is a game of probabilities and statistics more then everything. You need to make sure you learn how to make the right calls and give yourself better chances of winning. You can read and learn more about it at:

Laura asks…

How to catch someone sharing poker signals?

I’m going to a sketchy poker game tomorrow which I can’t get out of, don’t ask why. I have a feeling players at the table will be sharing signs and was wondering if there was anything in particular I should be looking for. Also, assuming I can’t prove people are sharing signs would there be a strategy to beat them such as playing shitty hands and hope to get cards on the flop? Right now my best plan is to buy out if I lose half my money.

admin answers:

One of the more common signal techniques is the placement of a marker on top of a live hand. The position is the signal, near the top, the bottom, the right or left, This can also be an indicator the player is going to fold or has a poor hand, or is planning on raising and has a strong hand. Watch for this and you can pick it up and use it. Also watch for how the chips used for betting are selected. Some players will communicate by using certain chip combinations in their bets, such as 4 greens instead of a black.

Play tight, very tight, and do not raise unless you have the hand locked for certain.

Joseph asks…

How do you play regular poker?

I dont want anything fancy I just want to know how to play a regular game of poker? Cause it seems to look fun!

admin answers:

The easiest poker game to learn (as far as the rules go) is probably texas holdem. If you flip through the sports channels during a weekday you’ll likely stumble across it and they almost always take some time near the start of the show to review the rules. Watching it for a bit will give you the idea and you can make some notes on how the dealing goes and how the betting goes etc. Or you can grab a „for dummies“ book and that should cover everything too.

If you’re too lazy for all that 🙂 here’s the basics:

You’ll want at least 4 players to make it interesting.

Choose a dealer and hand out some chips – anything will do as long as each player has at least 50 or so to start – rolls of pennies are good for beginners.

Deal each player 2 cards face down. The person to the dealer’s left must bet one chip no matter what, and the next person must bet two (these are called the small and big „blinds“). Then each player must match the current bet (two chips) or fold. You can allow raises or start really basic and make it „in or out“. The player who put up the small blind must either add a second chip or fold.

Once it’s been decided who’s in, one card is dealt face down into the discard pile (i.e. „burned“) and then three cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table. These are „the flop“ and are common to everyone. You have another round of betting as before starting with the player on the dealer’s left (but no forced bets this time).

After that round, another card is „burned“ and then „the turn“ is placed face up next to „the flop“. Another round of betting starts to the dealer’s left as before (no forced bets this round either).

After this round of betting, a final card is „burned“ and „the river“ is placed next to „the turn“. A final round of betting takes place here.

Once the last round of betting is done, the person who has been called (i.e. The last person to put in a bet or raise) must show their hand first. Then it goes around to the left and anyone who has a better hand has to show it to claim the pot. The player’s hand is the best 5-card combination of the two they hold face down and the 5 on the table. I.e. If they have an ace face down and there’s one on the table, they have two aces.

Then the dealer passes the deck to the left and it starts again – often a „button“ is used to show who the dealer is each hand. In fact that person doesn’t need to physically deal, it’s more to identify who has the forced bets and who acts first on each round of betting.

Just about every deck of cards has an insert that shows the ranking of hands in poker, as will millions of websites. But again, if you’re feeling lazy 🙂 ….

The best possible hand (without any wild cards) is a straight flush. That would mean cards in order of the same suit. So Ace, two, three, four and five of hearts for example. Ace can be high or low (but not both at once) and you compare straights by the highest card. So A,2,3,4,5 is the lowest possible straight (or straight flush) and 10,J,Q,K,A is the highest.

The next best hand is four-of-a-kind. Again, four aces beats four kings, which beats four queens etc. If two players each have four of the same card (i.e. The table has three kings and each player has a king) then the tie is broken by whatever card completes each hand (i.e. Their fifth card). If the highest remaining card is the same (i.e. Shared on the table) then the pot is split between both players evenly.

Next is a full house – three of one card and two of another. If two players have a full house, who’s ever „three“ is higher wins. So KKK22 beats QQQJJ. If both players have the same „three“ then the pair breaks the tie. So AAA99 beats AAA88.

Next is a flush. Any 5 cards of the same suit. The highest card is the tie breaker. So K,5,4,3,2 of clubs beats Q,J,10,9,7 of clubs since the King is the highest. If players are sharing high flush cards then the second highest breaks the tie (or third highest etc).

Next is a straight. So like the straight flush but of different suits. Again, ace is either high or low (not both at once – Q,K,A,2,3 is no good) and the highest card in the striaght wins.

Next is three of a kind. Three 10s beats three 9s etc and if two players have the same set (i.e there are two queens on the board and each player has a queen) then the highest remaining card breaks the tie.

Next is two pair. I.e. A,A,10,10,2. The higher pair is what wins. So A,A,3,3,9 beats K,K,Q,Q,2 because the aces are highest.

Next is one pair. This is pretty simple – the highest pair wins. If players have the same pair, then the highest remaining card wins.

Last is „high card“. If nobody has a pair or better, then the player with the highest card wins the pot.

Have fun!

Mary asks…

How do the laws cracking down on Internet poker work?

I know last year a law passed cracking down on internet poker. I know my sportsbook I used disallowed U.S. customers after that. However, internet poker seems strong as ever. Is it that certain states have made it illegal but some don’t? I don’t get it.

admin answers:

If I was you I wouldn’t use any online gambling sites.. This past summer the US goverment banned all online gambling…
I know at least 10 people who lost all there money they had in a gambling site…
So, if i was you.. I would be very careful with ANY online gamblining sites.. But, if you want to try a good safe site.. is the best… They told US goverment, I don’t care what you want, I’m doing this.. And you probley seen a few of the comercials too.. There not going anywhere anytime soon.. They also have BIG tourneys in poker.. I use them and like them too..

You can try this site, which is an online Visa debit card account. You can then put money into your account using your debit card or transfering it from your bank account but, again you have ot be very careful because the US goverment has been known to freeze accounts that are use for online gambling… Its why paypal and others aren’t used anymore…

Good luck either way…

13 years in the casino business

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