Your Questions About Poker Rules

James asks…

official rules for 5 card draw?

I need a link to a website for the official rules for 5 card draw poker.

admin answers:

Here you go.


George asks…

in poker when do you increase blinds?

what are the rules for increasing the blinds? when? why? and how?

admin answers:

I have found the rules for blinds increasing varies. If you’re playing at a local poker tournament it is usually up to the tournament director or the league.

If you’re playing online then it varies. For example:

1. Turbo games the blinds increase every couple of minutes.
2. Have poker games where the blinds increase every 6 minutes.
3. The standard is 10 minutes.
4. However you have some sit and go tournaments where the blinds when the button has made full circle.

Hope this helps. The reason was stated by the previous answer, so no need for duplicate answers.

Mark asks…

what are the kinds of poker game?

what are the differences of zynga,texas hold em, world, are they all the same? do they have the same rules?

admin answers:

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of variations on poker. So far as I know, they all have one thing in common: At the end of each hand, unless all but one have dropped out, those still in the game have to make up a five card poker hand from the cards available to them, then see if that hand wins.

Richard asks…

How do you „play“ poker?

Not rules , but how do you read the people your playing with and stuff that you would find in a rule book?

admin answers:

Just keep on poking her, there are no rules unless she says „no“.

Nancy asks…

How do you play Poker?

Yeah, websites really do suck.
Like, all the rules, some tips, and stuff.
Thanks loves<3

admin answers:

Go to it resally helps trust me.

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