Your Questions About Bester

Mandy asks…

what is the english for this german?

please answer

1. has du ein haustier? kannst du es beschreiben?

2. Wie ist deine bester freund/beste freundin von charakter?

3.Gibt es manchmal streit in deiner familie? woruber?

4. Mit wem in deiner faimile verstehst du dicham besten?

5. was hast du am wochenende gemacht?

6. was wirst nach der schule heute machen.

admin answers:

1. Have you got a pet? Can you describe it?
2. What’s your best friend’s character like?
3. Are there sometimes quarrels within your family? Over what?
4. Which family member do you get along best with?
5. What did you do this weekend?
6. What are you going to do after school today?

James asks…

is this the same actor?

Hi i’m just watching a really terrible film called the Bone Eater, i’ve recognised the sherif as the same actor who played sheridan in b5, the (i think) forensic scientist called (sal ?) is that the same actor who played bester in b5 as well ? is this correct.
Please read the question before asnwering,
I’ve already said i recognised that actor i’m after teh other one is the forensic scientist sal the same actor who played bester.

admin answers:

Yes the sheriff is the same guy as in b5 (bruce boxlietner) and yes also bester from b5 is in bone eater (played by walter koenig) so your right on both counts.

Lisa asks…

Jamaica, Jamaica, here I come this summer, August 2011?

Ok, here’s the deal. I am taking a trip to see family in JA this summer, August so naturally, I will be chaperoned most of the time. Staying in Clarendon, central Jamaica. MayPen to be precise. However will have some friends come from England & USA who will want to see rural JA, which is where I will be, not wanting to bother my folks, would really like to go off a explore J.A. get to the typical places like Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Dunn’s River falls and Trelawny Bay. Am I missing anything from the list of places ? And is it possible to just turn up and book a hotel for a couple of nights close to a beach? ? ? As for cash, U.S or J.A dollars bester to carry ?
Many thanks.

admin answers:

J$ are the legal tender in Jamaica.If you are from the US clearly you can take US with you and many places show prices in US although by law they must show it in J$.If you are changing US to Jamaican anywhere watch the exchange rate that they give you especially in tourist areas.Best place to change is in a Licensed Cambio as they usually give a better rate.Wednesday is usually the best rate of exchange because the Bank starts to top up then.Never ever change money on the street these hustlers are as tricky as a cart load of bandits who practice sleight of hand as you have never seen.
Its possible to turn up and book of course, plan your route then use the Jamaica Tourist Board or Tripadvisor.Buy yourself a good guide book its worth it and it will be a memento after your trip.
Happy holiday

John asks…

Why vote Democrat?

Just because the Republicans sc*ewed up in 2 out of the last 6 is a week reason to go back to the Democrats that held power for 60 years, creating most of the problems in the country today, and not promising anything bester (realistically). The smart thing seems to either give Republicans another chance to get there real platform like the Democrats did, or vote a third party.
lynne b,
cyndy b
safaridi those are reasons not to vote Republican, that wasn’t the question. I guess so many Dems can’t read either
cindy b, Reagan and Bush Sr held office with the Dems in power. Try reading the Constitution.

admin answers:

In spite of being a philosophical Republican, I will vote Democratic in November.

The reason is simple. For the past 7 years the Bush/neocons provided the US with the worst administration in history (if you need examples, ask). While I waited to vote for McCain I can not. He has repudiated Republicanism and is running as a hard right extremist. For example, in the past he argued against deficit spending and in favor of a balanced budget. Now, to appease the extremists in the Republican party he supports the Bush tax giveaways. He has previously been moderate on social issues but now will appoint extremist judges to the SC. All to appease the extreme right.

McCain abandoned his philosophy to try to get elected. What a shame. He could have run to the center and united the country; but, to get support from the extremists, he ran right. He is a huge disappointed to all true Republicans, especially me.

Helen asks…

How do i handle this?

Ok this is long so please help. Ok so my best friend met this boy over the internet on a computer game( Audition). They had been talking a lot and really connected and he was like her second best friend. They swaped myspaces( btw were all 13). I started talking to him also and then we all became besties(as we call it) It turned out he had a twin and then after that we all became best friends..and still are we know everything about both of them. So my question basically is..Is it bad that me and my best friend are even bester friends with people over the internet.

Btw.- Dont tell me something like there axe murders or to stop talking to them because we know there not( We have web camed with them and talked multiple times over the phone) And we have made videos for each other over youtube) We are really all Best Friends and we are like a friendship circle and we all love it….

Ps..There mom knows about us because they told there mom…And my best friends mom know a little bit about it to..I havent said anything to my mom
So wat do u think of this?…Cause we all are best friends and just all love each other ( like friends)
BTW- We also all want to meet sometime soon but of course with all are parents involved……We have none eachother for about 6 months…And also we talk allllll the time…
I know..we are all sooo excited..
I am not showing off..Im asking if its normal and ok for me to be doing this..gosh..

admin answers:

Sounds like a fine relationship. If you live in the same area, meet with each person’s parents (like you are) in a public place. But that’s cool! 😀

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