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Donald asks…

what is the best way to find people for a home poker game?

I recently moved to a new town and have my own poker room at my house mini fridge and all but no one to come play..=( where can I find players willing to come play at my house?

admin answers:

I found some great home games in my area very easily.

I went to a couple charity Texas Holdem events, one by the local Chamber of Commerce and a couple fundraisers for local church groups. Just chatting at the tables with the players I was invited to some other games, including a couple home games that people were trying to start.

That might work for you, give it a try if you can find some local events like that.

You can also put an ad in Craigs List for your local area, but be SURE to screen anyone who responds from Craigs, you just never know who is really answering.

One last tip, several local area pubs have had Euchre tournaments around here, and I have also found some poker games that way.

Good luck with your home game.

Mary asks…

Do you have any good suggestions for a poker party?

I’m throwing a surprise poker party for my mum, and I’m stuck on what I should do. I was thinking of buying some chips and whoever ends up with the most chips wins. Do anyone have have any good ideas?

admin answers:

That’s a lucky mum!

Well, for starters, you are def. Going to need to poker chips. From there, you can have a tournament. Which is what you described. They can differ in the amount of players that will win money, ie., 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

I always like to have light music in the background. As well as some refreshments. Remember, alcohol always changes the way people play poker. So, provide at your own risk…LOL!

A fun game of poker relies on a few things. Good company for one. Keeping the amount of money to buy-in at a reasonable price is good, too. And lastly, make sure you let everyone know the tournament details. Round time, re-buys, and chip values, for starters.

If you are having a couple of tables worth of poker, about 18-20 people, try not to give everyone too many chips to start with. About 2000 in chips, with 20 minute levels/ rounds is pretty decent.

Above all else, have fun and Good Luck!

***One last thing. When you have a final tally of players that have bought into the game, choose a chair at each poker table and make it number 1. Once you have done that, write on small pieces of paper the numbers of how many seats you have on each table. 9-10 seats. Fold the pieces of paper and place them in a cup, hat, or whatever you have available so the seating is random. That way, no one complains because they chose their seat!

Linda asks…

Since they’ve banned PartyPoker, what is currently the most popular US poker site legally running?

I’d like to know the answer to this because I used to play regularly at Party Poker and I just enjoy playing on-line. I’d like to find out the most popular one as well as most dependable.

admin answers:

Man these are the only ones i could fins n hope this helps out alot n gl on your poker games :)ava06

Lisa asks…

Where can I find some basic designs to put on poker chips?

I am ordering a set of custom poker chips and want a unique design on them. I am looking for just a basic circular type design that will look good on both the chips and in the center of my custom built poker table. What is a good website to get some ideas?

admin answers:

Last week, i ordered 4 poker chips at in cheapest price. These chips is great. I suggest to try this site. Here you can get many basic type design.

James asks…

Information on the 2006 World Series Of Poker?

I am looking for some information on the 2006 World Series Of Poker. I am planning on buying in to it and need to know some specifics. I need to know how much money I will need to bring, that includes money for the buy in, the hotel, food, drink, transportation, etc. I also need to know how I buy in, do I just walk up to the window and say „here is my cash“ and get a seat assignment? If that is the case then how much time before the tournament begins can I register? How many places pay if the field is 6500 people again? Lastly I have heard that they are going to cap the entrances this year at 6500, is there any truth to this? Any other information other than what I asked for would be very helpful. Thank you for answering.
In regards to online tournament experience, I have a lot of it. However, I have recently quit playing online poker due to all the idiots that are now playing it with 72 because it is suited!
I do play for real money on the internet. Well I did. Even in real money play unless you are gambling 20 Thousand then people still play like idiots, at least at the place I play.

admin answers:

There are several different tournaments throughout the WSOP. If you plan on buying in to the main event, you’ll need 10,000 just for that. If you plan on playing some of the other tournies, then you’ll need anywhere from 1500-5000 per buyin. Hotels in Vegas are cheap as usual and if you mention you’re gonna be playing the WSOP, some offer poker player discounts (Or even comps.) Drinks will be free while you’re gambling & are relatively cheap all over town, except inside the nightclubs. Food is also pretty affordable in Vegas.

As for how you do it, I would STRONGLY encourage you to play in a live tourney or two before going to familiarize yourself with the process. Generally you walk up, pay, get handed a rack of chips and then wait for table assignments. At the WSOP, the have so many people that they break it up though. So you could pay on Day 1, but not actually start playing until day 4 or something like that.

I haven’t heard anything about them capping the field at 6500. In fact, I heard they were expecting close to 10,000 players this year.

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