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Robert asks…

What is the term used for raging during poker?

Raging whilst playing a computer game is ’nerd rage‘
Raging whilst driving a car is ‚road rage‘
What is raging during a poker game called?

admin answers:

Steaming, that’s when you act angrily
tilting or going on tilt is when you make bad decisions and bet hard in the wrong spots because you have been affected by a bad beat for instance

Carol asks…

My african american friends are coming to play poker what kind of food should I make?

Im a white guy but all of my co-workers and friends are african americans. I invited several of them to come play a good game of mans poker(no woman alowed LOL). Now what should i cook for this? Do they like gumbo or would that be rascist? Do they like salmon?

admin answers:

OMG, how offensive! But I understand why’d you ask that! Gumbo, FRIED CHICKEN, Kool-Aid! LOL!

David asks…

Is there a good online poker video site?

I am looking for a website offering videos ralated to poker including WSOP, WPT, EPT … Also nice if they have tips on playing poker. Thanks.

admin answers:


Joseph asks…

Neteller cannot be used for online transfers to poker sites. Can one transfer from Neteller to Epassporte?

I still have money on Neteller and want to put it on a poker website that does not accept Neteller anymore. But they do accept Epassporte. Is there a way to transfer FROM Neteller TO Epassporte so I may deposit into the pokersite from Epassporte?

admin answers:

I don’t know if you can transfer but I use neteller on all the time

John asks…

How do you become ranked as a professional poker player?

I was just curious. Also where can I find national (USA) poker rankings listed?

admin answers:

Easy… Enter a major tournament… Wsop… Ept… (age 18 in uk) wpt… Aussie millions crown casino (age 18)

However… People have this misconception that a professional has like a $40,000,000 bankroll and everyone knows them… A professional poker player is someone who solely derives their income from playing poker as a job… Not a hobby…

For example if you don’t have a job and all you do is play poker and „keep detailed records“ and you play it like „everyday“ then the government will very likely argue that you are a professional and PAY TAXES… In my opinion everybody if they’re smart and dont go bragging on tv saying i played like a million hands every day and i studied poker like it was my life… Can get a once off tax free big payout in a major tournament… Like but if you keep going after that… Then… You are a professional…

If you want tax free you should maintain a job… And „only appear“ playing (take not on all the words i “ „) in ranked tournaments…

Ranked basically means… Somebody kept records of what happened… Also you can be a professional if you’re playing 1/2cent… Over here in Australia might not earn even $6,000 and $6,000 and amount earned under is tax free…

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