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Ken asks…

When do you have to post the big blind or the small blind in poker?

I know that there is a dealer chip which moves around the table during a poker game but is this at all relevant to when you have to post the big/small blind?


admin answers:

Person to the left of the dealer is the small blind. Person to the small blind’s left is the big blind.

Steven asks…

How does one bet in a poker room?

I’m used to a home poker game, but have never played in a casino poker room. I plan to go to AC, but would like to be informed. How does the betting work? (Like, what does a 5/10 game mean?) Thanks!

admin answers:

5/10 are the bets. $5 pre-flop and on the flop and $10 on the turn and river. If it’s a limit game, that’s what you have to bet, no more, no less. If it’s a no limit game, that’s the minimum bet.

A couple pointers:

Be sure to keep your chips BEHIND your cards at all times until you’re sure you want to call, bet or raise. At one casino, the rule was if the chips passed a certain line, it was considered a call/bet/raise. However, at a different casino, if the chips passed the CARDS it was considered a bet/call/raise. I was unaware of this and made a call inadvertently once.

Also, it helps to announce your action before moving your chips. Sometimes you won’t realize that you put in too many or too few chips, or you won’t realize that the person behind you just raised to $15 when you just wanted to call $5. If you don’t announce your action, it’s too late.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the dealer, especially between hands. Better to look a little silly and know than to not know and feel really silly.

Linda asks…

How to I host a casual texas hold ‚em style poker night?

I’m having about 8 friends over tonight to play hold ‚em…We’re all novice poker players. How do I host a poker game, should I use chips, cash, do I need to have a buy in, should there be a limit, who is the dealer?

admin answers:

The easiest way is to play a very simple cash game.

Get some chips, one color is worth 25c, another color is worth $1. People buy $20 worth of chips. Blinds are 25c/50c.

Either have someone volunteer to deal and use a button, or simply each take turns rotating the deal clockwise after each hand.

People can cash in their chips for money at any time, or purchase more chips in multiples of $20 provided they have less than $10 worth of chips.

You cannot bet more than the chips you have in front of you (table stakes).

Set an end time when the game absolutely has to end.

It should be fun and simple this way.

Tournament style play is harder to arrange and once people get knocked out they will get bored not playing. This is why a low stakes cash game is a better option.

Sandra asks…

What is the classic poker you see in movies called?

The poker game where you are dealt 5 cards right at the start. The poker they always play in westerns…why does no one play that anymore. I thought that it would be pretty popular…

admin answers:

5 card draw is what you see in a lot of the old movies, It isn’t as popular today in casinos due to the limitations on players. With Texas Hold’em, you can sit a lot more people at a table since fewer cards are needed.

James asks…

What is the different between an iPad and a Netbook?

Can you play poker games on iPad?

admin answers:

Netbooks use same operating system as a laptop or Desktop.iPad is totally a new category.

IPad can be connected to digital camera directly to import photos and videos, it also has memory card slot. These slots are detachable which means if you don’t want , you can just take dongle off. It’s called camera connection kit.

The way you work on net book is similar to any other computer but on iPad you work differently.

IPad 1 GB A4 chip and all it’s features depends on apps. If you want a game on net book , you will probably go to a website and download but on iPad you will go to App store and download it.

But the good hinge is app store has more games than all the websites combined has for net books.

And great thing is iPad has 15,000 wonderful FREE games.

If you wanna search a restaurant around you , on net book , you will will open browser,type restaurant and then type your address.

On iPad , just tap an app,and speak,you will get the results.

To download a movie again , on net books , you will google it, on iPad , install and app and then download any movies you want.

You can’t hold net books as book so for reading net books are useless. Infact net books are just stripped down laptops which are of no use whatsoever.

Not only poker, you can play thousands of games.

Netflix works great on can watch free TV shows through app Abc Player ,website, and many more.

Reading news paper is boring but if you read on iPad it’s enticing. News channel websites like,Fox look so gorgeous that even if you are not interested in news, you will get into habit on watching news shows on iPad.

IBooks for iPad has many free books , so even if you are not a reader, you might start reading books.

Netbooks has MS Office to create documents.iPad has iWork for the same job but iWork is fun to work with.

Few people will say iPad doesn’t support flash but actually not supporting flash is an advantage because when you watch movie on iPad , you won’t get any pop ups and ad banners.

All the video content from any websites are playable on iPad.Flash is’s no longer required to play video.

Ipad battery never dies. It gives you well over 15 hours at single charge.Netbooks will die out of shame.

IPad display has IPS technology that makes viewing so gorgeous that again it put netbooks to shame.

Net books are no-good at anything they are just cheap.

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