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Daniel asks…

Need help with a home poker game?

Ok, I need some opinions on a dilemma on a home poker game. Lets say someone goes all-in and the other person asks them to count it. The better replies 6,000 and the caller calls based on that count. After all is said and done, the person actually had 8,000. Is the caller required to pay the full amount of 8,000, even though the better only said 6000 during the count. Just to clarify, there is no „dealer“ or floor person. What is the protocol on this situation. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Reading this…there are a few options.


If the caller won the hand here and had the bettor „covered“, the bettor is eliminated. Section 15, rule 20.

If the bettor won the hand, its more unclear.

Reading Sect. 3 under „betting and raising“ Rule 16. It sounds like he should only have to call the 6k because the error wasn’t found before the betting round and showdown was completed. But i am not convinced this would be the correct action according to the link attached. If the bettor won though and he miscounted, I personally would rule, the miscounter gets the shaft in either scenario. Loses all if he loses (and is covered) or wins 6k if he wins. The exception to this would be if it was found before cards were flipped up, then I would do what Sec. 14 Rule 12 says.

Section 14 Rule 12 says, it has to be corrected to 8k, and I would give the caller the chance to reconsider calling the bet if the cards havent been flipped up yet.

Betty asks…

How do I turn my boyfriend on when hes busy playing computer games?

Like right now hes totally absorbed in his online poker game and I wanna have some fun!!

admin answers:

Nuzzle up to him, let him continue with his game, unzip his pants, and start giving him a BJ.

Before long he will lose interest in the game. Especially if you deep throat.

Michael asks…

Is there a website where you can actually get the real winning percentages in Texas Holdem Poker?

There are many potential winning hands in poker. When an A, 7 goes heads-up against a 10, 8 suited, what do you think are the chances of winning at the flop? We already know the A,7 has won the 2 Card Poker Game (best 2 cards win), what are the chances of winning during the flop. For example, 4-10 times the 10,8 will win at the flop. 3-10 times the turn. And 2-10 times the river.

admin answers:

There’s a piece of software called Pokerstove which does that. You tell it the hands, it computes the equities.

But it won’t tell you the chance of out-flopping him. It only tells you the chance of being ahead by the time the flop, turn and river have been dealt.

There are sites with charts listing the percent of flopping X with various types of hands, but the charts certainly won’t have flops stats for every hand-vs-hand matchup (there are 14,196 possible heads-up matchups not counting suits!).

Sharon asks…

What was the game James Bond played in the latest Casino Royal?

In the latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale, they play some type of high stakes poker game that is a large part of the movie. What is that game they played?

admin answers:

Texas hold’em.

Ruth asks…

how much does it cost a business to add video poker to their site?

hi im doing a report and need some help! i was wondering if anyone knew how much it would be to add a video poker game to an existing website? and where i can find the info (web address) thank u in advance for all ur help!

admin answers:

You can upload your videos for free on youtube and …. And tons of other sharing sites like .

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