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Betty asks…

Which other Poker movie features a hand involving ace king losing to sixes?

In the 2008 movie Deal; there is a hand towards the end of the film where one of the tittle characters defeats his opponents two pair Aces and Kings with a set of 6’s. I am sure this exact hand was a feature hand in another poker movie, but I cannot remember which one that was. Can anyone help?

admin answers:

The last poker movie I remember is the James Bond Casino Royale movie but I don’t remember Bond having trips in that movie. He won the main hand with a straight flush….

Robert asks…

Is it possible to play video poker on the iphone?

Playing video poker on a phone is an altogether different experience, but not many phones allow it. Does iphone support playing video poker? if yes, how to go about it?

admin answers:

Sure is possible. How about playing jacks or better. There are a few apps that run on Java and offer java based in-browser room to play video poker. Thus, to play video poker on your iphone, you would first need to install java on your device.

If java doesn’t work properly in your iphone, go for remote-viewer apps that will allow you to remotely connect to your another computer and that way, you can play video poker. While in theory any VNC viewer app should work.

It is very popular and you can read more about video poker on iphones here at

Daniel asks…

Is it possible to transfer play money chips in Party Poker from one account to another?

In Party Poker, can you transfer play money chips from one account to another. If it is can you tell me how

admin answers:

Well you could make a transfer of play money from one account to another. Just go with your friend and play poker at a table where only the two of you are, and in one hand you can get the money transfered between the two accounts. Just make sure the one account to get the money has better hand (wait for the river to come and then just raise to whatever you want to transfer).
Have fun!

Charles asks…

Is it legal in Texas to open a poker club and only charge a monthly membership fee?

Most poker clubs will charge a „rake“ which is a % of the money in the pot when playing a cash game or charge an entry fee for tournaments. I would like to know if it is legal to open a poker club and charge a monthly membership fee?
Actually, in Texas it is legal to play poker for money but it is illegal for the house to make money off the players. But there are social clubs that charge monthly fees so I’m thinking why not open a „social club“ that plays poker?

admin answers:

This is tricky and I think you’d need a lawyer to answer definitively.

I doubt poker players would want to sign up for this since it would only be advantageous if you show up very regularly…esp since from the sound of it, other poker clubs have zero rake. From the perspective of a poker player, I’d only sign up for something like this if the club had big tournaments, a variety of buyins, a variety of cash games and stuff like single table sit n gos. In otherwise you’d be stuck with a catch 22 trying to get lots of players in the door.

What would make sense to me is to ditch the subscription idea and to instead run the place as a bar that specializes in poker games. Offer *atmosphere*. Poker clubs are often dingy. Go all out on nice tables, sexy bartenders and classy dealers…put a little las vegas in texas 😀 This, if done right, would make you a bundle. I know I’d travel quite some distance for a place like this lol.

Laura asks…

How to play poker at a casino?

I am having some difficulty playing poker at a casino. I play really well at house games and I also win at the casinos but I feel that I could be winning more if it wasn’t do to one major flaw. Whenever I play at a casino, I get immensely nervous and my hands start to shake Also, if I talk, my voice starts to break. I feel I have I chased out plenty of people out of great positions due to it. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this and also to notice any other less obvious tells I have? Thank you.

admin answers:

Another delusional soul. Good grief.

„I play really well at house games and I also win at the casinos…“

That’s all I need to hear.

No – you do NOT „play really well at house games“. House games have a House Edge that can NOT be beat!!! If you have won money at these games, it’s only because YOU GOT LUCKY!!!

Seriously. Why would you even bother playing poker if you could make money at house games?!?

As for the rest of your question – The only way to get more comfortable playing poker is to play more poker. If you really enjoy poker, play at the lowest level LIMIT games. If you are playing in a $2/$4 LIMIT game, no amount of hand shaking and voice breaking is going to change how the people play against you. The „tells“ anyone can get from you are basically non-existent. Play that game until you feel comfortable.

In the meantime, please understand that nobody plays „really well at house games“ well enough to beat the casino. You are truly delusional if you believe otherwise.

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