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James asks…

good creative idea for a geography map project?

i have to make a map of europe for my geography class. I need a creative idea to jazz it up. I’m not allowed to just do it on a posterboard, I have to make it out of some odd-themed material or something. one year a guy made into a poker table, like with green felt and stuff……please help me think of an idea!

admin answers:

You can perhaps do a collage, using pictures and even small objects to represent the features you want to include. For example, the map of Germany could be made of pictures from Bavaria with „Mad King Ludwig’s“ castle showing the mountains around it, from Berlin with pictures from Berlin, and so on. Pictures can be gleaned from publications or from the web. If you have small objects that represent pertinent features, you could also attach those. For example, you might find a small toy ship that could be placed in the middle of the English Channel. Have fun with it!

Mark asks…

Are poker sites fixed? So easy to do, but is it true?

Yes, I’m always losing. No, I’m not great at poker, BUT some of the beats I keep getting are unbelievable. A friend of mine came round with his wireless laptop and we conducted an experiment: both of us played the same table, and the odds of winning changed when we could both see each other’s cards against the other 3 unfortunates at our online table.
So I’m figuring if two dicks like us can do it, there must be massive chinese/eastern european syndicates controlling each big bucks table where YOU are the only person not seeing everyone else’s cards.
Am I being cynical or is this probably true? What’s your opinion?

admin answers:

To be honest, it really isn’t rigged in anyones favor. I am a winning poker player and to most losing poker players it could be considered rigged. They have confirmed that groups of people do cheat, but now it is too hard to collude cause poker sites are on to it. My advice, watch poker vids, get a coach to go over your game. Don’t bother reading books cause most of them are outdated and suck.

Mandy asks…

Which casino has the best table games in Atlantic City?

I am headed to Boston and New York around the time of my birthday this year, and am thinking about taking a day trip from New York to Atlantic City(for some reason, I have never actually been in a casino to play since it was legal for me to do so, almost 12 years ago). I thought I might try my hand at some blackjack, poker, or craps(oddly enough I am really good at craps in spite of the fact it is a game of chance……..played some years ago with „play money“.). What are the best casinos in Atlantic City for the table games, both in odds and stakes(as in I want to make the money I do bring with me last all day)?

admin answers:

The Borgata is your best bet. They have the friendliest, most appealing atmosphere in all of AC. That said if you want strictly just odds then here it goes.

For blackjack, assuming you’re a basic strategy player. (See for a basic strategy chart) your best bet is the Hilton 2 deck game. The rules in AC are NOT uniform as some previous poster led you to believe. This double deck game is dealt from the hand and face down. The rules are that they can hit on soft 17 (bad for the player) but you can double on anything and split up to three hands for a total house edge of .40% The Hilton also requires a minimum bet of $15 for this game. Your next best bet would be the Borgata which offers 6 decks dealt from a shoe. The difference here also is that they stand on soft 17’s and you can split up to 4 hands. Doubling down on anything is standard in AC. The house edge for this game is .42% They also have an 8 deck game where the rules are the same but instead of it being usually $15 minimums (You can find $10 6 deck games in the morning or early afternoon on weekdays if you’re lucky), you
can find the 8 deck games for $10.

In general the less cards used, the lower the house edge. Be sure to avoid all of the Harrah’s properties like Bally’s, Wild Wild West, Showboat, Claridge, Harrah’s and Caesars. They all hit soft 17’s and use 8 decks. The same goes for Trump Taj Mahal unless you’re betting $25 or more. You can find an 8 deck S17 $5 table at the Borgata but it is usually full unless you play in the wee hours of the morning.

For poker, you can find 1/2 NL poker at the Tropicana, Trump Taj Mahal, Showboat, and the Borgata and Caesars.. Bally’s has 1/3 NL. They all also offer limit poker too. I would say the worst poker players are probably at the Tropicana or Showboat.

For craps, I think Wild Wild West offers the best odds as they allow 100X free odds on one table. Most only offer 5x odds.

A good rule of thumb is to bring 40x your average bet for BJ and Craps. . $150-$200 for one buyin at 1/2 NL Poker and for .25 Jacks or Better Video Poker with 9/6 payouts (house edge of about .5% assuming you’re betting the max for the machine), you’ll want to bring about 100X your bet. Be careful though as many of the machines only offer 8/5 payouts or worse. (This means that on a full house, you only win 8x your bet and a flush you only win 5x your bet) Avoid all slot machines and the carnival games like 3 card poker, Texas hold’em bonus poker, 4 card poker, etc. The house usually has an edge of anywhere from 5-15% in these games.

I should also mention that if you’re not driving, you can take the Jitney ( a small blue bus) from Pacific ave which is the first street outside of the casinos that are located on the boardwalk to get to the casinos like the Borgata. The fare is $2.25 and you would want to take the #2 bus.

Susan asks…

maybe its poker, maybe it self esteem?

I play poker. i love it im the stereotipical big fish small pond. Every table i play i win, when im drunk. When im sober i play, too tight. when im drunk im fast, i see everything everyone tries to pull. I can read like m in your head. when i drink i can call what you have in you hand by your actions befor you show. when im sober you would think i learned 2 days ago. my question is (only dedicated poker players will understand) does this make me a bad player or should i learn to open, more self esteem sober? also does anyone else play like this? just to add- I know statistics and odds.

admin answers:

You have the capability of being a much better poker player while you are sober, but you need to relax as when you are drunk.

Ken asks…

Is Online Poker Truly Random As Real Life?

Ive read an article in the web… that if you lay 52 cards of a deck on the table and call it combination #1. Shuffle it again, and lay another 52 cards and call it combination #2…

and out of a 52 card deck, there is a


combination that come from this 52 card with 4 suites…

NOW, the article said that … the only Computer that can compute that amount of combination is the is the most power computer in the whole world… the one the US government has…

What this implies is… no online poker can sequence all the possible combinations of a deck since they don’t have that kind of computing power…

so does this mean, online poker is not the same with real life odds?

admin answers:

No! Its still random. The number of permutations is irrelevant.

Why would any online poker programme try to sequence every permutation anyway?

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