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Linda asks…

What happens if a dealer flips a card accidentally?

In a professional poker game what happens if a dealer accidentally flips one of the players cards while dealing and other can see it?

admin answers:

The player doesn’t have a choice of keeping the card.

Early in the deal it’s a misdeal, later in the deal they burn the card, then deal to everyone else, and then deal his second card last. (Or if his 1st card was flipped, they deal around then he gets his new 1st card when he would have got his 2nd, and then gets his 2nd card after everyone else gets theirs.) This is so that none of the other cards are changed. Likewise they use the exposed card as the burn so that the flop isn’t affected (if it’s hold’em).

As for exactly how early constitutes early enough for a misdeal, you can check Robert’s Rules. If I remember right, it’s a misdeal if it happens to one of the first 2 players, when getting dealt their 1st card.

Susan asks…

How can i make website for gambling?

i aint need, Black Jack or Poker games in website, im talking about the site where game skills turn into cash.

admin answers:

The world needs a poker site that won’t rip people off. Every site charges 10% entry fee to sit n goes. If you set up a site charging 3% you could market the website on this alone and it could kick off. But im guessing you will need a lot of money and staff to get started.

Ken asks…

What exactly defines intelligence in a person?

I personally have little faith in IQ tests. I’ve seen extremely intelligent people score poorly on the SATs, and school grades mostly reflect the effort put into the class. Society seems to place more emphasis on certain skills equaling intelligence than others. For example, an adult not knowing how to correctly spell words such as „pretzel“, „potato“ or „sandwich“ is laughed and ridiculed when this person can count cards in a poker game and win every single time, or recite pi to 100 different places and be correct. I also don’t feel a college education automatically defines intelligence either, so what exactly does define intelligence in the American society?

admin answers:

In American society, intelligence is defined by a combination of demonstrated common sense, level of education, and extent of success. For instance, a 37 year old high school graduate who can recite Shakespeare from memory and do calculus yet still works at McDonald’s is decidedly less intelligent than a 23 year old dropout who can rebuild a car engine and works as a mechanic. The 37 year old is dumbfounded by the „Check Engine“ light in his car while the 23 year old can make burgers.

Sandra asks…

What are the important cards in Texas Hold Em?

Im making a poster for a poker game. What cards (suit and number) should be featured on the poster?

Thanks. Ive never played poker before.

admin answers:

For a poster?

Use a royal flush, 10-J-Q-K-A either all spades, or all hearts.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know why they kick people out of the poker game room?

i was kicked out of the poker game room for no reason if there is a reason they keep it a secret????????????

admin answers:

Wow never heard of it. I love poker and would go to casino all the time but never got kicked out of one. If you find out let me know.

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