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Michael asks…

can you get the vista poker game without having vista ultimate?

i seen a poker game for windows vista ultimate but i have home is there a way to get the poker game without having ultimate?

admin answers:

If it requires certain drivers then no, because you have a 32bit OS and ultimate is a 64bit OS so that wont work, however if it doesnt require drivers or any special functions of the 64 bit then you will be fine and should run smoothly

Thomas asks…

How does one go about resurrecting the ancient Egyptian religion?

Anubis and Ra have noticed you all worship false gods these days! We would like to know what would make you worship us, the true gods, again!

P.s. Don’t tell Ra I was here I’m supposed to be working! If he finds out I’m not he’ll cancel our poker game and be sulky for a week! Such a bloody baby!

admin answers:

Anubis, you should already know how to resurrect Ra-Osiris.

Hold the Ankh up to the nostrils and he will be filled with the spirit, behold the conception of life!

George asks…

Why are most Republicans so determined to allow large banks to make speculative bets with other people’s money?

What’s in it for them except the possibility of crashing the financial system and risking another bailout which will require an entire generation to repay, if they are that lucky this time.?

I don’t like to make loans to people on their way to a poker game.

What am I missing here?

admin answers:

This question is loony tunes. What make you think anyone can dictate what banks do? Banks, like any business in the US, are regulated up to the eyeballs. Anyone can break laws…ask Bernie Madoff.

Paul asks…

Can we use the points earned in Yahoo Answers for anything?

It would be cool if we could use them on a poker game in Y! Answers. How do we let Yahoo Answers know that this would be a good idea for 2011?

admin answers:

This Would Be A Excellent Idea. I Will Make A Suggestion On This! In The Yahoo Suggestion Boards.

Laura asks…

Where can I find a poker website?

Need a website that will instruct me on how to deal properly, and how to „rake“. I’m not sure what this is, actually so if someone could explain -that would be great. Also give me any tips I would need to know as a dealer in a 24-hour poker game.

admin answers:

Try full tilt they have easy to fallow guides to various poker games they even have a glossary. Http://

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