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David asks…

Can you rake in a home poker game?

I live in Ohio and i have been considering holding a poker game at my house every other week or so to make some extra cash. I would provide a lot of food and drinks for the players and i would provide an all time dealer. Is it illegal to do this even if you are raking to reimburse for money spent on food? and if so, what is the penalty for getting caught? all replies are greatly appreciate. thanks to all.

admin answers:

Pdq is definitely wrong on this one. You cannot collect a rake for any reason at a home game in Ohio. As far as the price of food and drinks, you can either ask people to bring stuff or just eat the costs. That’s the way it goes if you want to stay legal. Of course, you’re most likely not going to get „caught“ for collecting some beer and pizza money, but technically holding a for profit poker game (it doesn’t matter if you don’t turn a profit, collecting money makes it „for profit“) is bordering organized crime and is definitely a felony everywhere in Ohio.

As far as being angry about the way they do it in Ohio, I don’t know why people would complain that they’re not allowed to make a profit from home games. Laws are actually more strict in Nevada and most places that allow gambling.

Richard asks…

Which is the Best poker book currently avaliable?

I want to improve my poker game so am going to purchase some poker books to read, does anyone have an suggestions to which ones are a good purchase?

admin answers:

The poker books that have done the most to improve my game are:

Doyle Brunson’s Super System
The Theory of Poker By David Sklansky
Zen and the Art of Poker by Larry Phillips

Hope this helps

Mandy asks…

Baseball section. What do you think is the most silly event in your opinion to be called a sport?

For the life of me i will not understand why ESPN feels the need to televise Poker Games. Does anyone actually watch it or even care? and how is Poker considered a sport?

admin answers:

I totally agree with you about the Poker shows on ESPN. I’ll be channel surfing through all the sports channels and of course I’ll see football games from 1998, soccer tournaments…but then I see „World Series of Poker“. The way I see it, poker seems to be a game that requires all mental skill and no physical skill. Most sports combine both physical and mental skill. Why poker should be considered a sport is beyond me.

I’ve also seen Dart Tournaments on ESPN. I can see where those could fall into the „sports“ category. But c’mon…darts?

Nancy asks…

Will I get banned in poker game room if?

I use wireless network which is used by another compute which plays the same poker game room?

admin answers:

Yes, the reason being you can have the other wireless person checking out the cards of other players therefore you know when to fold em.

Linda asks…

How do you play poker, for starters?

What is the easiest poker game to play?

admin answers:

There are many forms of poker (literally hundreds). The most popular form of poker nowadays is Texas Hold ‚em.

In this game, each player is dealt 2 cards. These are called your „Hole cards“ or „Pocket Cards“. Once everyone has their 2 cards, there is a round of betting.

Next the dealer will place 3 cards face up in the middle of the table. These are community cards (first 3 cards are called the „Flop“). Every player may use their 2 hole cards and the community cards to assemble his/her best possible hand.

After the flop comes a round of betting.

Next the dealer shows another community card face up (called „The Turn“ or „Fourth Street“). Another round of betting follows.

Finally the Dealer places the final face-up community card on the table (called „The River“ or „Fifth Street“). The final round of betting follows, and whoever has the best poker hand at that time wins!

Here’s a list of which poker hand beats which…
(All poker hands must consist of 5 cards only.)
This list will start with the lowest hand, and go up to the best possible hand.

1: High card
This basically means that none of the cards in your hand match up. You have five different numbers, and the highest one makes your best hand.

2: One Pair
This means that you have a pair of the same numbered card. For example, a pair of sevens would mean you have 2 sevens in your hand.

3: Two Pair
This is pretty simmilar to the last hand, except you have 2 sets of pairs in your hand.

4: Three of a Kind (A Set)
If you have three cards with the same value in your hand, you have Three of a Kind. For Example: Three Kings

5: Straight
If all of the cards in your hand are in sequential order, you have a straight. For example, you have a 6,7,8,9 and a 10. Note, must be 5 cards in a row to count.

6: Flush
If all the cards in your hand are of the same suit, you have a flush (all hearts, clubs etc.)

7: Full House (Boat)
If you have a pair, and three of a kind in your hand at the same time, you have a full house (Three Kings, and two aces).

8: Four of a kind
Pretty simple. If you have four of the same card in your hand, you’ve got four of a kind. (Pretty rare to get one of these)

9: Straight flush
Ok, if all of the cards in your hand are in sequential order, AND all of them are the same suit, you have a Straight Flush (for example- 6,7,8,9 and 10, all spades. This one is super-rare)

10: Royal Flush
This is the same as the straight flush, only the sequential cards go to the ace (10,jack,queen,king and ace, all of the same suit) If you have this hand, you cannot be beaten. (at least in texas hold em.)

Hope this helps.

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