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Ruth asks…

Can someone explain to me how all these poker rooms around me are operating legally?

Over the last two to three years there has been a series of poker rooms opening around my area. Some offer bingo and blackjack too. These are not on Indian reservations. I live in Michigan, and am curious as to how they are all operating legally. I would love to open a poker room, as that has been a long time dream of mine, but I was always under the understanding that it was illegal to do so. Could anyone explain to me how they are able to do this? There must be a loophole somewhere that I’m missing. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

I am not exactly sure, but it has to do with the fact that the poker room doesnt take a cut of the game and they are done tourney style. The poker room makes its money from food and drink sales.

I am not sure if these are the types of poker rooms you are talking about but here where I am they are usually pubs that have a poker game.

I think the fact that the pub takes no cut of the game and that it is done like a tourney (sit and go’s and multi table) make the loophole. The bar does it to bring in people to buy drinks and food

They advertise them here on TV but it is usually where some of the pot goes to a charity that might be the loophole too.

Paul asks…

What poker site/program has the most free rolls?

Lock Poker is what I’ve been using to play, they have 4 basic in 1 day. I’ve downloaded a couple others but can’t seem to find many more and I know this is a big selling point. Any recommendations?

admin answers:

Here at we have a page dedicated to freerolls – there´s all you need to play including any bonus code we also have a page for no deposit bonuses and free poker bankrolls.

Jenny asks…

Would you quit your job to be a professional poker player?

I have a question for everyone. I want your opinions on this subject. If you could make $200 bucks a day guaranteed playing poker for about an hour or two, would you quit your job making about $40,000 a year and go pro?

admin answers:

To decide to play poker for a living, you need to make more money with poker, than you do with your job. And if so, yes! You should try to make a living with it. It’s a tough decision! And a tough job! Trust me, I know! I play poker for a living, but I use to have an other job before poker. If you are a winning poker player, if that type of life is for you, if you have a family and they support you. Go for it. A good test is to do it for a year. After that you should know where you stand. One of the good thing with having poker for job, is that you’re your own boss, and you can chose when to work, and how many hours. But it’s a lot more than one or two hours a day… It’s all about making good decisions, about which game to play, where to play, when to play, when to quit and when keep playing for several hours. If you can do that, you might have find a new job. But always keep in mind if that’s doesn’t work for you, you need to go back to your old job.

Take care

Thomas asks…

I need to learn Poker in a short time, any online guides, books or places to learn for Free?

I need to learn Poker in a short time, any online guides, books or places to learn for Free?

admin answers:

Here is an article that tells you how to learn online poker and for free,good luck hope it helps.


Sandra asks…

How much would it cost to open a small poker room in Florida??

Anyone have any idea how much it would cost to maybe open a poker room with around 15-20 tables in Florida? Licenses? Fees? Gambling License? I just wanted to research more information to see if it would be even feasible to open one up. Any info would be helpful

admin answers:

I only ever played poker in Florida once and the limits were insanely low. That was many years ago so not sure if it has changed but with $2 max bets it is hard to break even.

20 tables at $500-800 table.= $10,000-16,000
Chips would cost about $25,000-30,000
About $500 for cards
Building a cage depends on the location but you need a secure room for the money.
Security system again depends on the location but at least $4000 probably closer to $10,000

No idea about licenses or registration fees

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