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Ruth asks…

Just Moved To Houston TX Where Can I play Poker?

I have just moved to Houston, TX….I would like to play some poker…Where can I pick up a poker game?

admin answers:

Well, if you don’t mind driving to Tomball, (about 25 miles) my friend might have a game for you. I don’t know how big you want it though, it’s .25/.50 so..

Sharon asks…

What are some fun things for my dad to do on his laptop?

He is unemployed due to medical reasons and cant afford a hobby atm because we are moving house so all expenses need to be paid.

Therefore, he spends all his days and nights on his laptop playing poker games, slot machines and scrabble. He especially likes games that keep his mind active. Hes very smart.

Anyone have any suggestions of things my dad could do or even play?

Thanks in advance!!

admin answers:

Minecraft is fun and cheap.

Answering questions here is fun and free!

Charles asks…

Can a really good magician or illusionist be really good at poker, hint, hint?

If you learn to be a magician and pull rabbits out of hats and make tanks dissapear I’m sure a poker game would be no problem….
„Playing poker doesn’t require pulling rabbits out of hats or making things disappear… Sorry“

Yes but if you can make whatever cards you get dissappear and make your own cards appear then it’s your game.

admin answers:

Oh yes. I’ve been playing poker in card rooms for 35 years. I’ve met many people who can deal „seconds“ (the second card off what seems to be the top of the deck.) Or they deal the bottom card off the deck. Or they can set up a „cold deck“ where everyone gets a good hand, but the dealer or his partner has the best hand at the end and takes a HUGE pot. There’s a lot more too. But you don’t want to get caught.

Depending on if you’re in a card room or a home game, you can get yourself killed. Especially if you’re playing for BIG money. 🙁

George asks…

How helpful is playing Zynga poker online to actual playing?

I know at the low limit tables (for chips) pretty much people will call anything and go all in on anything…but still at higher limits (for chips)…is the knowledge transferrable of how people would actually play in most situations…

if not…would playing zynga poker mess up how to play for real in live poker games from causing bad habits?

admin answers:

Zynga teaches you how to profit against the very worst players on the planet. It’s not a bad skill to learn, since once in a while, you’ll be up against VERY bad players. It is helpful to know how to beat those players. (Patience is the key. Wait until you have the best hand, then folks will hand you their money.)

It will not help you become a profitable player in the real world, but it is good enough for practice until you learn how to play by reading a few good books and practicing in real-life situations.

Helen asks…

1st time Playin an online game is considered download,Is launchin the same game second time considered dwnlod?

I have a dsl connection
For those who dont know what it is , its a high speed internet connection with a download usage (i have 3gb)
So i dont want to download lots of things because my dad is paying too much money …
I Want to ask ..
Is loading poker game after several times considered downloading ?
The data and things of it are stored in temperory folder right ?

admin answers:

A download is a file transfer of significant size, usually for the purpose of installing something on your computer – minor files like cookies take negligible time to send and are not considered downloads. For an online game, this is normally only something you do the first time when you initially create an account to play. If it’s a game that is browser-based, no download at all is involved – everything is run thru the browser. In any event, there should only be at most one download (at least, until a new version of the game software is released.)

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