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Chris asks…

If you were playing strip poker would you rather win or lose?

If you were playing strip poker would you rather win or lose? Assume four people are playing, two of each gender, and there is only one loser.

admin answers:

Everyone is a winner in strip poker 😉

Richard asks…

What is the easiest poker site to win cash on?

Has anyone noticed that some poker sites seem easier to win cash on then others?

Thanks =)

admin answers:

Hello Tim,

I have tried many poker sites but I would have to say that the best one by far is Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker offers a 100% matching bonus up to $600 using the current bonus code: XCASHBONUSX. So if you deposit $600, you will get $1200!

There is one catch to this offer and that is that you have to play games to have your bonus cash given to you. I deposited $200 my first time and got $140 free cash back so far =D


*Use BONUS CODE: „XCASHBONUSX“ for $600 Free 😉


David asks…

Why isn’t fulltilt poker available on smartphones like the iphone or htc hero adroid phone?

I want to be able to play real poker on my mobile device but fulltilt, the site i think is the best, doesn’t have mobile phone applications and i don’t know why?
will they have this in the future?

admin answers:

They might, but remember that the Fulltilt software (and Pokerstars, and Ultimate Bet, etc) are all proprietary programs designed for a specific operating system. That’s why you have to download the software before you play. In order to make an application for smart phones they need to first write the program, sync it with the main site, then ensure security, etc. I’ve heard rumors that they’re all working on it, but if you’ve played Zynga’s Free Poker on the iPhone then you’ll realize there are still bugs to be worked out. Like I said, I’ve only heard rumors, but I’ll be first in line if they release one.

Lizzie asks…

I play on a poker website and I was just wondering, How do you cashout your big winnings?

What poker site is best out there for less suck-outs and better players?

admin answers:

If you are looking for the best poker site, i recommend this site

Helen asks…

What is the current legal status of Online Poker in the United States?

Can I legally play online poker if it’s a website based overseas?
I’m not sure if online poker sites are legal here in the U.S. at all.

admin answers:

With (afaik) the sole exception of Washington state, online poker is completely legal in the US. Even as far as Washington is concerned, they never explained how they intend to enforce their ridiculous law. The only Federal law affecting online poker was the one a few years back that banned electronic funds transfer between gambling sites and US banks…that was designed to combat money laundering, not gambling.

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