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Steven asks…

Can anyone help me to have my poker game work using c++? I really don’t know what to do. Thanks pls help me?

I’m having difficulty in using random number of cards to be shown and not. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks. The poker game should ask the user for his/her name and would proceed to the game. We are only allowed to use c programming. Good Day hope you can help I really need this. Thanks

admin answers:

The SRAND function will be very useful to you – it generates a pseudo-random number, which will be good enough for your game. Then, all you’ll need to do is make sure you don’t deal the same card twice in a hand (use an array other data structure to store the values of the cards).

To get you started, here’s some code that will generate 20 random numbers between 1 and 10. You can modify this to create your cards.


using namespace std;

int main()
int random_integer;
for(int index=0; index<20; index++){
random_integer = (rand()%10)+1;
cout << random_integer << endl;

Nancy asks…

What type of SOCIETY does this metaphor best describe?

Poker Game: You keep building your stack slowly play by play, learning a bit along the way, you win some you lose some but any ven hand can make you or break you just like in life.


admin answers:

A fair society.
Everyone has chances. Although we all lose and win at some points in life.

& next time try to do your homework yourself…..

George asks…

Whats the BEST software available to rid of malware in your system?

I have a nasty one called Dcad that I got opening what I thought was a poker game.I get pop ups everytime I check email and surf.I have hijack this and all those free programs,I want a program to purchase to get rid of it.

admin answers:

You shouldnt need to purchase a software for malware,, This should find it so you can remove it free,, Just download and update and scan,

The free edition of spyware doctor, The best for removing spyware and malware and its free,


Paul asks…

What is the oldest Halloween you can remember?

… for me it was back in 1793 when Harry, the Headed Horseman, during a Halloween poker game bet his head & lost to a full house.

I helped him get home; stopping along the way to carve a pumpkin for a replacement head.

admin answers:

Hmmm… you’re older than I thought!

For me, it was back in 1690 when witches were feared and respected and treated nicely at a small village called Salem. Those were the happy ol’ days. But for reasons unknown, things went wrong and everyone hated em and wanted to burn em at the stakes!!!

I helped few of em escape to a safe village…. ‘til one day, the witches will reign again!

James asks…

How do I play strip poker?

Strip poker is a poker game which when you lose you’ll have to take out one of your clothing item… Is it like poker?

admin answers:

The concept of strip poker is that you get your opponent to strip. You have the risk of losing your own clothes, and the potential of seeing them lose theirs.

It really doesn’t matter what game you play, as long as you both understand the rules. You can play strip Blackjack, strip Monopoly whatever you want. Just devise a simple game and play it. Be clear before you begin what triggers a person losing an item of clothing and if there is any provision to win an item back.

If you were playing poker, you might like to play heads up with chips, and when a player goes broke, they can rebuy for an item of clothing.

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