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Lizzie asks…

Is online poker legal now in the USA and if so what are the best sites?

About a month ago I heard some poker sites are going to come back online soon but I wasnt sure if it actually happened or not. Im trying to get started tonight. What is the best site as far as rakeback and benefits? Thank you very much!

admin answers:

There is currently no federa law that makes online poker illegal, and very few states have a law on the state level preventing anyone from gambling online.
There are currently a good handful of online poker rooms currently accepting USA players, you can find a list with reviews of each below.

Ruth asks…

Where are logs kept for online poker programs?

Im 16 and my friend said he’ll let me play online poker with his credit card if I can prove its fullproof that my dad won’t find out. He’s concerned about logs of games and stuff, what are some ways I can convince him it won’t be connected back to him?

admin answers:

Just make sure you clear your browsing history, cookies, and offline files.. There are different methods for different browsers.. You can also check the poker programs folder for any history logs and delete..

If your trying to hide it from just your dad, then its pretty simple, unless of course if he was a computer hacker.. Hide the launch icon, and installation folder.. Just clean up after yourself after each game and you should be okay..

Also make sure you trust this friend of yours, remember the account is under his name, the money that you win is technically his, so make sure you trust him enough to give you your winnings..

Lisa asks…

How to play poker without gambling?

I’m hosting an event at my school and we’d like to have poker, blackjack and other casino games as an activity. However, we are not permitted to gamble. Does anyone know any alternatives?
Okay, sorry, I should have been more specific. No gambling of any kind can be involved, not even for innanimate objects, cookies, treats, plastic chips, etc. However, we want the general feel of an old fashioned casino. For example, we plan to play blackjack as the gambling aspect can be removed entirely without taking away from the card game itself. Does anyone know how to do this with poker or any other similar games that would fit these criteria?

admin answers:

Playing poker is a fun stuff and the more that this game is much of an exciting game when betting is involved. However, we can play poker without gambling by putting he players in a situation that they can feel the game of poker.

Joseph asks…

Is it illegal to deposit money onto an online poker website?

To transfer money onto Full Tilt Poker, is it illegal? I live in Arizona right now.

admin answers:

The Act of depositing money is not illegal, but banks, credit cards do not allow it. There are however numerous other methods to deposit money into online poker websites, and these are out of US jurisdiction.. Some examples are moneybookers, netteller, netpay, alertpay, etc.

Chris asks…

How are Poker Rooms in Arizona legal if they’re not in a Casino?

Just curious to know what’s the loop hole that these poker rooms go through to still operate the poker rooms that aren’t in a reservation or at a casino?

admin answers:

Its just the way the law is interpreted in AZ. Card rooms Vs Casinos. However if that IS the case… You would think AZ would be able to host online poker rooms as well. . . Right??

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