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Sandy asks…

Can you play poker for money on the internet?

I live in the US and we now cannot play poker on the internet for money, or at least you at one time couldn’t. My question is there a way around that so I can play some poker in the comfort of my own home?

admin answers:

Fulltilt poker accepts americans and its absolutely legal. Its one of the biggest poker sites. For more info go to
And you cant deposit with credit card so use epassporte.

Susan asks…

Whats the best book on poker between Hansen and Al Harrington?

Whats the best book on poker between Hansen and Al Harrington?
Whats a better book All Hands Revealed or Harrington on Hold Em? What book describes and teaches poker thoroughly that it doesn’t require me to buy more books on this subject.

admin answers:

Dan Harrington is the man if you are learning the game. Gus’s book is a great read but it won’t teach you how to play good poker. You won’t get very good at poker if you only buy one book though, there is always something new to learn. I’d also recommend Sklansky’s „The theory of Poker“ when you’ve got the basics down and played a few thousand hands.

William asks…

Is anyone interested in sponsoring me in an online poker venture?

I am a successful live game player looking to try my hand at online poker. I would like to start of with a moderate bank roll and build upon it. With you initial investment I will guarantee you have of my winnings to be payed at the end of every month, or at the end of large tournaments….your choice.

admin answers:

If you are a successful live poker player you already have money you can invest into online poker and not have to „borrow“ any from the rest of us. Good luck and hope to see you at the tables.

Paul asks…

Can I play 50 hands of video poker at the same time at an online casino?

I played 50 hands of video poker on the same machine at the same time while I was in Vegas. That was fun! I to get my video poker fix now! I can’t get enough video poker!

admin answers:

There are many online casinos offering the multi-hand versions of video poker nowadays. Realtime Gaming and Microgaming casinos offer video poker with up to 100 hands with each draw. If you want to find casinos online with multi-hand video poker I recommend that you visit

Many offer the 50 hand version you referred to and some offer triple play, five play, ten play, and 100 play video poker games.

Ken asks…

What is the cheapest place to buy poker chips?

I’m planning a poker party for new years and I need to buy a good amount of poker chips. I am looking for classy-looking, heavy, clay composite ( I think they’re called) chips with denominations. I’ve looked online and pretty much picked out what I want, and they are about 16 cents a chip. Is there any place online or in stores that sells chips like this for cheaper? Also i’ll probably have 5 or 6 people, how many chips should i get?
***Im ok with used chips***

admin answers:

You could check out Craig’s List to see if anyone is selling used chips.

Also, Walmart sells a fairly decent „Made in China“ set of poker chips. (They’ve got a bunch of Chinese refugees tied up in the basement pumping out all their crap.) They don’t have the denominations written on them, but truly – unless your friends are mentally handicapped, you really don’t need numbers written. Most folks know that Red = 5 and Green = 25 and White = 1. Plus, you can change up the denominations to be anything you want without the numbers being written on the chips.

How many chips? I guess that all depends on what you mean by a „poker party“. Are you going to run a cash game? Are you going to run a tournament? Figure about 50+ chips a piece for whatever you’re doing just as a guess.

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