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Daniel asks…

Is North Korea really forthcoming with their Nuclear program?

Are we to believe that they are dismantling their nuclear cooling tower….(seen on televsion) OR Is this a bluff in a very expensive poker game with the rest of the world?

admin answers:

Kim Jung Il’s (forgive the misspelling) favorite singer is Elvis!! This pathetic little man would be annihilated if he dared NOT to dismantle his nuclear program. His people are starving, he is surrounded by water and South Korea. Although he is a bit loony, he best listen to the rest of the world.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know where I can find free web-based poker software?

I would like to build a simple website with just an easy-to-use web-based poker game. I already have the domain, I just need the software. And of course, whoever has the software will be given credit, and they can show ads through it, I don’t care. I just need to know where the software is.

admin answers:

Most of them will cost you your savings, your marriage and your home, i dont know any free ones.

Richard asks…

Why do men like to see women spread their legs?

What’s the attraction here? Why would a guy ask to see that after a strip poker game?

admin answers:

Eww, when you say „men“ you must mean „nasty people“ because I definately wouldn’t want to see that. Ever.

Michael asks…

Can a student get in trouble with a school if they are not on school property?

I want to have a fund-raising poker game for a high school club where club members buy in with real money and the profits go to charity. If we did this off-campus, could we get in trouble with the school if caught?

admin answers:

Yes, it is a high school club and you probably have a sponsor(teacher) that if you asked would tell you that this is against school policy.


John asks…

Is non-existent credit or different outlooks on credit a significant reason to consider putting off marriage?

My girlfriend wants to get married. She’s got big plans like buying a house that we can’t afford etc. I have about 65K cash saved up and make it a point not to use credit. Whatever I really need, I can just go in and buy in cash. For me, credit is like a Poker game I always lose and I end up feeling stupid. Her feelings are different.

admin answers:

You need to change your attitude on credit

Get a credit card.
Use it for some of your cash purchases and then pay it off monthly.
Full pay off of balance.
You NEED – or will NEED an established credit rating.
You need it for a mortgage
It is also used in evaluating you for a job.

Now her.
She must learn to manage money
You say she wants a house you both can not afford.
But given your strange approach to credit I do not fully trust your words.
Are they based on a cash flow analysis?
Or based on the fact that you want to pay cash for a house?
(Stupid idea)
In life you always pay a mortgage – when you rent you pay the mortgage for the owner
When you buy you pay your own morgage
Better to pay your own.

Money problems cause divorce

I suggest – you both take some course on financial management together.
Maybe even some counseling or marriage preparation courses also.

Get on the same page!!!

Good luck

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