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John asks…

Which political party will most likely be able to return the US to the Good Old Days of Cheap Credit?

and limitless consumer spending, cheap oil to propel our big SUV to and from the burbs, confidence that our banking system isn’t taking your paycheck to a poker game and the chance to visit the moon one day?

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Linda asks…

While this ,monstrosity may have brought this fame, they say it was a poker game’s winner that determined the?

While this ,monstrosity may have brought this fame, they say it was a poker game’s winner that determined the town’s name.
Tell us the town in which its located.

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Cawker City

Mandy asks…

Do you have to sit in a poker game till everyone else busts out?

Not online poker; is it ok to cash out with your winnings if you feel that you’ve made enough? Or do you have to keep playing till everyone else busts out?

admin answers:

Etiquette would say that you need to stay till everyone busts out if you are with friends. If you are with strangers, then leave when you want (but understand that they will probably think you are a bit of an a**).

But it also depends on the rules. You and the table of people should lay down rules so this problem does not arise mid-game.

Michael asks…

If I play games on my cell phone do I get charged for internet usuage?

I have no data plan on my cell phone, and I just downloaded a poker game that cost 7 bucks. This is fine with me, but when I read on the game description, „play against tough online competitors“ I’m scared that everytime I play the game I’m goin to be charged for data usage!

Could someone clear this up for me please

admin answers:

Yea most likely it would cost you money to use the internet on your phone

Maria asks…

My brother is excellent in billiard, where can we find someone who could sponsor him.He is just 23 yrs old?

It started when he was in high school at first year, he cut classes just o play pool. Not to mention, he’s also excellent in poker games. He knows how what card on other players. But billiard is his best skills.

admin answers:

Very few professional pool players have significant sponsors. There just is not much money in it (for companies). The only way your brother is going to get sponsored is to start winning professional tournaments. A lot of them.

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