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Sharon asks…

How to host a home poker game?

I’m in high school and I’m getting some friends to come over and play poker for a night. I need to know the things I need to get, what the blinds should be, rebuys, etc…
P.S. We are going to be playing no limit texas hold em

admin answers:

Cash game or tournament?
If its a cash game blinds should be £.10/.20 for a small game, min £5 buy in. Up to £1/2 for a £50 min game.
Tournament with 6-10 players.
Start with between1500 and 3000 chips, blinds begin at 25/50 and increase every 15 mins.
This should take 1.5-3hrs more chips and a longer clock=longer to play.
Just double the blinds every increase ie.
and it should be nice and quick you can get 3/4 games in in an evening
for one longer game use

this plays a little longer maybe 1-2 games in 1 evening.
Better to play the first tourney if you have people round or every body ends up bored watching 2 people play heads up.
Or just play a cash game.

Donna asks…

my cursor is freezing most times and when it moves it is sticky and useless?

the problem started a little at time and is now stuck fast.I cannot point it to open any sites,which is damn frustrating as it occurred during a poker game,if any good folk out there who know how to fix this problem i would be very grateful.I am running Windows Vista and my laptop is an Dell 1525 Inspiron

admin answers:

Start your computer in safe mode, see if the cursor is still freezing.
Running in safe mode the computer only loads what is necessary to run the computer, so if it works better in safe mode, you probably have to many programs running at once,
you can then go to msconfig and then to startup and stop any program that you don’t need from starting when the computer loads.

You should also download CC Cleaner and run it, it will clean out the junk that has accumulated on your computer over time, its a great program

George asks…

what does old five and dimers really mean?

is it really a gambler who plays poker games or what? is it a redneck tuffy who calls himself that in that song?

admin answers:

Wow have u guys seen the youtube video of daniel negreanu playing webcam poker on pokerview

William asks…

Why are your games set as though we are playing for real money?

I am retired and play them for fun.But you have them set up as though I am playing for real money.
The 5 card draw poker game -you win one hand and lose 10 hands in a row.
I guess I am going to have to find another site.Its obvious you don’t like my business.
Looking forward to hearing from you-if you care to respond

admin answers:

It’s all about imagination and fun….problem is, We get jealous of our game characters

Charles asks…

What excuse could I use to miss work?

Big poker games this weekend don’t want to miss any of them, what could I say to people at work so I can miss the next few days. I can always get another job

admin answers:

If you can truly get another job then „I quit“ is always an option. Otherwise you could try asking for some time off. Lying is never a good idea.

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