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Donald asks…

What is the minimum amount of players for a poker game?

I don’t know anything about poker, but I plan to learn. I just wanted to know if two people could play together.

admin answers:

9 i guess?

Daniel asks…

So what is everybody doing over the weekend?

I am going to a fall festival with my neice and nephew, then I’m prolly getting dinner and drinks with friends, after that I’m going to a poker game where I would guess there is about a 75%-80% chance that I’ll win $500-$1000 so thats good! Saturday I’m sleeping late and then going to a Halloween Party haven’t decided what I’m going to be yet lol
What you guys doing?

admin answers:

I’m going to a Halloween partyy and then trick-or-treatinn with those same people. We don’t care if we’re too old we’re gonna have funn(:

Michael asks…

What language is this and what does it mean: „aku ikut dia“?

That is an example of one thing they said. If you know could you also translate „Are you done cheating?“ I’m in the middle of an online poker game and they are cheating.


admin answers:

Malaysian language..aku ikut dia means i follow him/her..
Are you done cheating?= sudahkah kamu habis menipu?

Mark asks…

Where can I buy Kem or other premium quality playing cards in Leeds, England?

I need some good quality plastic cards for a poker game.

admin answers:

You can buy them from
Hope this helps
Good luck!

Thomas asks…

How would i calculate the average hourly rake at a live poker game, are there any formula or stats?

For example: the game is $1 $2 no limit holdem with 9 players, and the dealer can get out 30 hands an hour but no flop no drop and the rake is 10% up to $4 Maximum. What would this table be raking on average per hour, is there a formula. This is a live game

admin answers:

There is no formula for this, since it changes depending on the players at the table, and how the table is playing.

But what you can do is get averages. Figure out how many pots per hour go to the flop.

Take the average pot size from these pots, and use that.

From all the 1-2 games I play I’d say almost every hand that goes to the flop is over $40. Since anything above $40 has to be treated as $40 (since there is no cap) the average will be between $3 and $4. Out of 30 hands per hour, chances are 10 of them are going to the flop.

I’d guess you’re running at around $40 an hour rake at that game.

That’s $4 per hour per person (as long as there’s 10 of you)

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