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Paul asks…

What is this obsession with pokerstars?

my boyfriend and his friends will seriouslt sit at the computer and play online poker for like hours. and sometimes he stays up until like around 4 am just playing. it is starting to get rediculious. and his friends even come over the house and play. kinda annoying. when they run bad things get broken because they are so into this online poker game.. i have no clue what to do… Help.

admin answers:

Well if there is money to be made why not? If he’s half decent at poker i’d would let him keep on playing, if not then slap him because he’s only wasting his life and money.

Sandra asks…

How much can i excpect to make hourly in this poker game?

This is a 3-5 limit omaha hi/lo game. I will see about twenty five to thirty hands an hour. The rake is 10% percent of the pot not to exceed $5. The play at the table is very poor as well.

admin answers:

This all depends on how good a player you are and I wouldn’t pretend to guess that 🙂 The only way to really know is to play the game and then do the math. If the play is very poor and you aren’t then you should do real well.

King Cobra Poker

Nancy asks…

If you flip a coin and get 49 heads in a row, does the past influence the present? Or is the next flip 50/50?

This came up in a poker game with my old college buddies. None of us are statistics pros, but I have studied a little quantum physics, and I know that distance (space) is not always as influential as it seems. For instance, the rotation of paired particles can change instantly if the other is changed, no matter the distance. So with time and space being interchangeable, I dont think it’s too much of a stretch to think that the past can influence the present. What do you all think?

admin answers:

It’s only 50-50 if the coin is assumed or verified to be a fair coin. In this particular case, we don’t know for sure that it’s a fair coin.

49 out of 49 heads is strong indication that it is not a fair coin.
In fact, if you used that data to draw a confidence interval for the probability of getting heads, its value would be
P(H) = 1 +/- 0

Of course there are limitations with confidence intervals, but hte point is that there is strong statistical evidence that the coin is not fair.

Note that each flip will still be independent, but that does not mean P(H) = 0.5. The P(H) could be 0.99.

Linda asks…

Have you ever burped and crazy, unexplained things start happening?

Like plastic flowers die, paint starts peeling, skin starts melting on th guy in front of you, eyebrows curl, people go pale like in the cartoons…

Need some unique ideas…attending a poker game tonight.

POLL: Tongue Scraper •OR• Paint Scraper?

admin answers:

When i burp the world seems to stop for a bit…… Then it resumes….
It feels like i disrupted the earths timing

Michael asks…

What is the name of the computer poker game that you walk around as a person and play cards?

You first arrive in an area where you can take a cab or walk. and you walk into the horse shoe casino and you can start to gamble, after you make so much money you can enter the wsop i believe. i really want to know the name of this downloadable game. i had it when iwas younger but now i lost it when i am trying to find it.

admin answers:

… Zynga Poker….

Good luck!

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