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Michael asks…

What odds does a Young healthy couple have to become pregnant?

We’re both 22 years old.With age and egg/sperm „quality“ issues aside
what are the chances I will become pregnant? All the calculators say I should be ovulating now.

My cycle is 29 days and lasts for 5. My peak ovulation days were August 1st-4th with the 3rd (today) as the peak =))

My husband and I have had sex last night and the whole weekend.
@ rouge i have read that but luckily most couples conceive within a year

admin answers:

A healthy young couple who are actively trying, can expect a 20% success rate each month. Good luck !

George asks…

How do i find the probability, when 2 dice are rolled, that…..?

a) the sum of the two numbers is odd
b) the sum of the two number is six

I have lots of these types of questions so please help me and show me how to use my calculator to solve these!

admin answers:

……1 …2 …3.. .4 ….5…6
1… 2 …3 …4 …5 ….6 ..7
2 …3 …4 …5 …6 ….7 ..8
3 …4 …5 …6 …7 ….8 ..9
4 …5 …6 …7 …8 ….9 .10
5 …6 …7 …8 …9…10..11
6 …7 …8 …9 .10…11 .12

There are 36 possible outcomes when two dice are rolled . . . The lowest number is two and the highest is 12.

In the diagram above, the top row represents the possible outcomes of one of the dies, and the right column the possible outcomes of the second.

To find the probability that the sum of the two numbers is odd, count all the odd numbers in the 6×6 square of possible outcomes and divide by 36.

Mark asks…

if I push my ribs in will that help to give me a smaller waist? scroll down and look at the shapes 🙂
I kinda have the shape of an apple if I push in my ribs as hard as i can will that give me the shape of an hour glass or will I get bananaish if anything I want to be curvy without surgery if my odd theory doesn’t work what will? if you have an answer please tell me thanks 🙂

admin answers:

No you won’t and that sounds dangerous I have a pear shape I want to be an hour glass to but not every bodies that lucky so you got to appreciate that you have a fully functional body and wear clothes that compliment the good things about yourself you can only be you so be happy about t cuz theres no use in being upset about what you can’t change

Susan asks…

Question about money recieved from a bet?

Hi all,
I made a bet today on skybet, online. It was a double of 2 horses from 2 seperate races, odds were 5/1 and 3/1. the races were paying 1/4 on a place, top 3 finish. I had 1 pound ew, so stake was 2 quid. Before results came in i used odds calculator which gave me 24/1. so i expected around 26 for win or 6 for place. they both placed which means a successful bet, however skybet paid out 3.94, i used thier odds calculator and it confirmed 3.94, can someone please explain to me what i seem to be getting wrong or is it an actual underpayment, thanks in advance guys.

admin answers:

3.94 is correct.
£1 x 5/1 = £5 x 1/4 = £1.25 + £1 = £2.25.
£1 x 3/1 = £3 x 1/4 = £0.75 + £1 = £1.75.
£2.25 x £1.75 = £3.9375.
Rounded up to £3.94.

Lisa asks…

Do children have to have only children’s toys? They are often fascinated by household objects.?

My great niece loves looking in her grandad’s odds and ends drawer, which has all kinds of things, thermometer, ac adaptor, radio, calculator etc. It’s hard to keep her away from it. There’s nothing dangerous. She also played with a bucket onher head. The kitchen drawers are also a magnet to her, she had to be warned not to touch the knives. On one occasion she insisted on being put in a shopping trolley and wheeled around.

admin answers:

Perfectly normal, especially with younger children. I loaded a kitchen cabinet up with plastic cups, bowls, cooking utensils, old pots and pans, paper towel tubes, and the like, and told my daughter that it was her cabinet. The contents of that cabinet got more use than any of her actual „toys“. Why not? Children have wonderful imaginations and spend most of their time learning. Why do you think they have so much fun with an empty box?

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