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Paul asks…

Where can I find winnings/losses record from high stakes poker?

I found one for poker after dark. Does anybody know?

admin answers:

This person is talking about the TV show called, „High Stakes Poker“, not actual people in regular high stakes games.

Sorry I don’t know the answer. I only remember what i saw. I know Brunson never had a losing session on the show, and I know that Negraneu never had a winning season. I also know Dwan never had a losing season on the show.

Helen asks…

Can I withdrawl Real Money on Bodog or Cake Poker?

Has anyone in recent days/weeks tried to withdrawl money on Bodog or Cake Poker? I know all about the Black Friday incident and have money tied up with Full Tilt but am wondering if Cake Poker or Bodog will allow US players to withdrawal. If so, how long does it take?

admin answers:

Most of the poker sites should allow you to withdraw any balance you have left in your account. I had Poker Stars and they gave me the option of direct deposit, check, and I believe they also offered a wire transfer. Since the decision to ban real money play for US players, these sites have to refund the US players cash. Go to their websites and check their FAQ’s or customer service.

Lisa asks…

Where can I buy cheap poker chips from in the UK?

I don’t need a poker set – I’ve already got everything else I need! I’m just looking to buy chips in different colours in quantities of a hundred.

admin answers:

Poker chips UK were not that cheep. were half the price. is the cheapest so far.
Gamingchips is well cheap.
Just-chips is also well cheap.
This last one is selling numbered chips for 10 pence it works out more than the last two but the chips will be numbered for you.

Sandra asks…

On the show 2 months 2 million, which poker site do they use?

Also which poker site is best to use in your opinion? I used to play on bodog, and another site but that was a couple years back.

admin answers:

I’ve never watched the show but I did see a few clips where they were playing at Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet. I prefer to play at Poker Stars and Full Tilt but if you’d like you can read the reviews of the top online poker rooms at to decide which one you like best.

Ruth asks…

What are some good things to talk about in a speech about the Professional Career of Poker?

Alright so for english 11, I’m giving a speech all about the career of poker. It has to be 3-5 minutes so I obviously need some good ideas here. Obviously salary, work frequency, risk of being a poker player are ideas, but what else can i talk about? THANKS! 😀

admin answers:

There is a great deal of stigma attached to poker, and especially to people who claim to make a living from it. Many people consider poker to be no different to other forms of gambling, and assume that anyone who says they make money is just a degenerate who is lying to themselves.

So, a good, informative presentation would include rebuttals of the more common myths and stigmatisations of poker:
You should explain why poker is different to other forms of gambling, and why it can be beaten (That is, describe how it is a game of SKILL, played against other players and not against the house)

Emphasise that for good players, the thrill of poker comes from the intellectual exercise and the battle of wits, rather than from the thrill of gambling. In my opinion, it is more closely related to a game of chess than to a spin of roulette.

Describe how sensible players use good bankroll management and play with only a small percentage of their bankroll at a time, so they can endure long swings of bad luck.

You should also add that not all professional poker players are high-rolling millionaires, leading a life of drugs and debauchery. Rather, there are thousands of players who treat it as a 9-5 job, earn a perfectly modest income and otherwise lead a completely normal life.

In the interests of a balanced presentation, you should also highlight the negative aspects of a professional poker players life:
The stress that the inevitable bad streaks will cause on every player, even those that use the most cautious bankroll management.
For online players, the lack of social interaction during a 9-5 day, and the un-healthiness of sitting at a computer all day (although, this is true for many jobs)
The lack of job security, no pension or any of the other perks that a regular job brings and the difficulty of finding a „real“ job, after so many years without official employment, if poker stopped being a legitimate income (as it did for some players after black friday)
You might also discuss how much (if at all) a poker player contributes to society.

You’ll struggle to fit all, or even most, of that into a 5 minute presentation, but I’ve given you plenty of ideas, so hopefully you can pick and choose what you think are the most important points.
Good luck.

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