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Betty asks…

While this monstrosity may have brought this town fame, they say it was a poker game’s winner that determined?

they say it was a poker game’s winner that determined the town’sname What is the towns name and location.

admin answers:

Cawker City

Paul asks…

Hw can I label a table a fast player only table?

I’m talking just about the poker games on Yahoo. So many slow people, I just would like to be able to label it fast players only, I’ve seen people do it before? anybody know?

admin answers:

You can set the play speed (time to play) when you create the table. You cant change the setting after the table is made.

The other thing you can do is boot people that are slow until you get folks that are all good.

Nancy asks…

Whats the most money you can win at a table game at a casino?

im pretty sure poker is probably the biggest table game but other than poker what table games at casinos allow you to win the most money (im taking millions or like $500,000 and up)? and what is the highest limit you can bet on table games?

admin answers:

There are many different table limits at all of the games.
In the exclusive areas of the casino, where high limit games are conducted there is virtually no limits to what you want to bet.
But it will be approved first and overseen by top casino person.

John asks…

What should I do while my girlfriend is out?

Hey guys 🙂 My girlfriend Vesper just went out to deposit money we won from a poker game, and I’m really bored :S I’m considering looking at her phone, but that’d really be too personal and all 😛
What should I do while I’m waiting, should I cook something, or follow her and surprise her 😉

admin answers:

COOK COOK!!!! Lol & surprise her after that by making love:)

Carol asks…

Is there an honest (free) poker game out there?

Zygna, if you haven’t noticed, gives a lot of weight to the players with the lowest ranking. 75% of the time or more. Is there a poker game that isn’t rigged.

admin answers:

I dont remember

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