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Mark asks…

What was this site with poker video lessons?

It was hosted by a large poker organisation. Episodes are both numbered and named. Each week, a famous poker player, sitting in a small room, would start off telling some basic tactics of his/her, followed by a few examples on online tables. There was no interviewer or anything. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Hey the site you are referring to is Full Tilt poker, you are referring to their poker acadamy. The videos had goals that you needed to complete while playing online correct? I remember one video was by Chris Fergusen on how to turn $0-$10,000… Not sure how honest that was considering he was indicted as well as Howard Lederer and their trusty CEO.

So to answer your question, Full Tilt Poker. Where you should consider watching poker training videos? Cardrunners Or Dueces Cracked, EXCELLENT poker resources.

Also if you like interacting via a blog/twitter check out.

Enjoy! Good luck at the tables.


Susan asks…

What amount of poker chips should start off a casual home game?

This isn’t for actual money or a tournament, I just want to play a casual game of poker with my friends and family. I have a 5-color chip set with white ($1), red ($5), blue ($10), green ($25), and red ($100). My question is how many of each chips should players get or how much should they start with as a total amount?

admin answers:

If you aren’t playing a tournament (you can play tournaments for fun)… Then what are you playing for? Who cares, just give everyone $100 worth and go. If someone loses their chips, they get more, right? If you aren’t playing for anything, then the chips have no real value.

Ruth asks…

What is the best online poker site?

I have researched this question and see lots of old answers and lot of scam answers – so I’m going to make it current and ask again – what is the best all around online poker site? Any good deals and ones that are respected (I’ve tried downloading a couple and got a virus from them – I want a reliable site). Looking for any and all advice here.

Thanks for any help, friends!!

admin answers:

Well, fulltilt poker is definately the best poker site for both real money and play money.
You can find review of it here
as well as other safe to use poker sites.
It’s used by millions.

Donna asks…

how can i get a money backing for a poker career?

i have lots of experience and skill with little money. id like to get in the world series of poker main event. or a smaller tourney on the world poker tour or in the world series of poker playing texas hold’em. i want to show a pro what ive got.

admin answers:

So go on-line and start winning. Start at the small stakes and work your way up. When you have real stats to show someone, go to a real poker forum and ask around.

Thomas asks…

How much did you lose before becoming a winning poker player?

when you started playing poker what do you think your total loses where before becoming a winning poker player

admin answers:

I’ve always been the tightest player at the table even back when I was a kid. I remember as a teenager playing in Dad’s poker league and the old guys used to razz me for folding too much but I ended up taking their money pretty regularly as well.

There’s usually a learning curve though and it depends on the player and how fast you learn. Most players never get to profitable but those who do get there from pretty much thinking for themselves. There’s some material out there to get you started but it’s mostly general stuff and the trick is to be able to apply these strategies in addition to ones you’ve learned yourself to specific situations that you find at the table.

What you want to focus on isn’t how much you’ve lost in total it’s what you’re doing to turn it around. It doesn’t happen naturally.

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