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Ken asks…

How Much Tax Does The USA Take Off Of Poker Tournament Winnings?

– I heard Canada doesn’t take poker taxes, is this true?

Say I win 9 Million in the world series of poker and I’m a USA player. I’ll get taxes off that, won’t I?

If I’m a Canadian player and win 9 million in the WSOP, will I get taxes off the winnings? Thanks.

admin answers:

It depends somewhat on what other income you had for the year. Also, most states impose an income tax of their own. (Nevada, Texas, Washington, Alaska, South Dakota, Florida, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Wyoming wouldn’t tax poker winnings.)

If you make the money in the US, you will have to pay taxes here.

If the $9 million is your only income and you win the money in a state without an income tax, your taxes would be about $3,125,000. If you are a US resident and a professional poker player, you would also have to pay self-employment taxes.

I hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

What online poker site can I deposit money on using my TD canada trust bank card?

I need a poker site that lets me directly deposit money using my TD canada trust bank card. Please only suggest reliable sites.

admin answers:

Difficult to say but you can check the reviews on poker sites by clicking on the link below

Sharon asks…

How to make money playing poker?

how can i learn to play and get good at online poker? where can i play for free and learn strategies?

admin answers:

Learn to play online poker games at Cool Cat Casino. Here you can play online poker and win huge money online.

George asks…

Who is interested in joining or helping build a poker league?

If your interested in joining a poker league or being part of one, or if your interested in learning to play poker, or just want to play message me i have started a group just for that and will be building on it as our member base grows. Add me to yahoo AllJasonFultz or visit!

admin answers:

Take a look at this free E-book about playing poker online. Inside it is a very basic method that can help anyone (even new players) profit wildly from online poker.

William asks…

Who is the famous poker player that initially made his money in sports betting?

I know its a vague question. I totally forgot his name though. Basically, he was a pretty typical poor student or recently graduated….he put all his savings (like $10-15,000 or something like that) on the Lakers to win it all in 2000. Since then he’s been a successful sports better but now is a poker pro.

admin answers:

Odd since you’d normally expect the opposite. There’s a lot more money in sports betting, potentially anyway, then at poker. I did this the opposite way actually and started out as a poker player and moved to sports betting. Nothing like working for a half hour a day and then having the rest of the day to fool around like what I’m doing on here 🙂

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