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Chris asks…

How can improve my poker game?

I am playing with my buddies frequently. I am usually a tight player, but after awhile I get bored and play weaker hands. The problem is that my buddies play very aggressively. A raise is usually 5x the BB. I also don’t like to continuation bet with a weak hand because I get always called. If I want to play really tight I may not get a good hand for hours. How can I improve my game?

admin answers:

If it takes you „hours“ to get a good hand, then you are playing much too tight. It’s tough to say what you need to do to improve, since the only information we have is that you play very tight.

The only bit of advice I’ll give you is this – At a table full of loose players, there is money to be made by playing tight. You may be playing too tight, but if your friends are truly playing ultra loose, you should be playing tighter in order to more easily beat them.

(The opposite is true, by the way. At a very tight table, there is money to be made by playing looser.)

OK – one more thing. Whether you play loose or tight isn’t nearly as important as being aggressive. When you DO play a hand, play it hard! You said you’re worried about being called. If you’re worried about being called, the you are not playing aggressive enough.

Hmmm….OK, also it wouldn’t hurt to read a book.

Mandy asks…

How can I get my boyfriend more interested in me, then his poker game?

he is online playing poker all the time and doesn’t spend time with me that much anymore.. ever since he got on the internet and started playin poker online that’s all he ever wants to do. we have like a date night every Friday night and thats about the only night he doesn’t play poker. he does’t even stay with me anymore cause he wants to get home (he lives with his mom) and get into a poker tourny.

admin answers:

That’s how guys are. Find something you are interested in and do it. I have found that guys like to pursue girls. If they feel they „have“ you, they stop pursuing or chasing you. I know it makes absolutely no sense to us, but trust me, I think I have figured this out. I also have two brothers who I have watched do the dating thing over the years.

Once your boyfriend realizes you aren’t hanging around and waiting by the phone for him all the time and that you have genuinely developed outside interests apart from him, if he cares about you, he’ll begin „pursuing“ you again, and perhaps give up a portion of the time he spends playing poker. At this point do NOT give up your outside interests. Keep them. Guys always like a little mystery. I hope this helps. It worked for me. If he doesn’t come after you, then well, perhaps it isn’t meant to be. There are more fish in the sea.

John asks…

where can i find poker chips in denver?

I am looking for a store in Denver or Boulder or the surrounding area that sells quality poker chips either in a set or loose. I am hosting a poker game at my house and want it too feel as authentic as possible. I would prefer not to get one of the sets at target as they are too bland, but if there are no stores around that will have to do. I also would much prefer a store rather than online cause I don’t have a credit card, but again if there is an incredible deal I am willing to find a way. I would actually prefer used or vintage stuff, but its probably hard to find.

If they are not at a poker chip store, I am also looking for a NICE deck of cards. Again I would prefer a walk-in store to online. I imagine magic supply stores might have them, but I don’t know where any are.

Any help is appreciated, I know this is a very specific question

admin answers:


Sharon asks…

In texas holdem poker, when the pot is split, what does the percentage mean?

I have seen a poker game on TV once, when the pot is being split, it says something like „pot split 4%“, what does that percentage mean?

admin answers:

It is the odds that both players will have the same hand in the end. If one player has a-2 and another has a-3 they will chop the pot a certain percentage of the time. Like a flop like k-k-7-5-8 it would be a split pot because they have the same hand.

Nancy asks…

how to bet chips in live poker?

In live poker games would you normally bet your chips in stacks of 4 or 5? Like pros seem to be able to just automatically set them in stacks.
For example, to bet 2000, would people normally put in 5 stacks of four $100 chips or 4 stacks of five?

admin answers:

It’s personal preference but some tendencies are more common than others.

Me personally, in that scenario I’d have my $100 chips in stacks of $2000, and to bet 2k I’d push the whole stack across the line, then maybe cut 4 stacks of 5 chips. Stacks of 5 are the typical cut the dealer makes when counting them out, so that’s how I’d cut it to save the dealer some work and time. 20 chips is what fits into one column of a chip rack, it’s kinda the standard stack height and it yields easy stack values like $100, $500 and $2000 and is usually efficient enough with space. So most people keep stacks of 20 chips, and if you have your chips in stacks like that and push a stack across the line, people usually won’t request a count, they’ll assume it’s 20 (whenever it’s not, it’s usually by accidental mis-stacking, not intentional deception). If you acquire a lot of chips you might have to put stacks on top of each other, but you do so in a way that avoids making stacks of 40. This way you can easily pull off a stack of 20.

Of course realistically when betting $2000, you’ll probably have some chips higher than $100, so you might be able to make the bet with 2 $1000 chips or 4 $500 chips.

Again though it’s personal preference. I’m just saying what myself and seemingly most players find easiest. You can experiment.

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