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Betty asks…

What are the consequences of running a backroom poker game?

What are the laws on backroom poker games in toronto? Can you go to jail for running one, if so for how long? Also do police do crackdowns and stuff or is it easy to get away way it? btw im just asking out of curiosity. thanks

admin answers:

You get a ticket for running a gaming establishment all money and equipment is confiscated.

Ruth asks…

Where can I find passwords for poker freerolls?

As above, i’m looking for websites that can link me to passwords for freerolls on poker sites, any ideas?

admin answers:

I’d say try the forums on some of the poker discussion sites out there, quite often if they find out passwords, they’ll post them on the forums for others to benefit.

Richard asks…

How are poker tournament winnings calculated?

When working out your own poker tournament earnings for any period of time, or if you’re looking at a list in a poker magazine about a players tournament winnings, are those winnings all the total prizes, or is the number the prize money minus all the buy in fees those players made (and does that include buy in fees to events the player didn’t cash in?) and so just displaying profit?

admin answers:

When you see a list of top tournament earners, the only number they show is the WINNINGS of the person. They don’t take into account how much the person has spent.

Michael asks…

Whats the most you ever won in a poker tournament?

I get off from work in two weeks so I will have time to play in casino tourneys. What is the most you have ever won in a poker tourney? For me it was 500 bucks, 720-220, 15th out of 370 in a $230 tourney at the borgata.

admin answers:

$1200 1st Place out of 35 people $65 buy in. However at the $500 table I’ve had as much as $4500 on the table and have been in $7500 pots lol Before that night my biggest pot was $700 Here how it went down.

1) Bought in for $500 and kept playing solid poker, got up to $1500
2) HUGE pot ALL-IN preflop for $1500, pot $3000 I had AA opponenet mucked
3) Kept raising paired boards, betting when I thought my opponent was weak, not taking unnecessary risks, got up to $4500
4) Lost EVERYTHING. 18 hours of work went to nothing. Played this horribly. Called $70 out of position with 6 8 of clubs. Flop comes K 2 7 with two clubs. I check, opponent bets out $180 I call. Turn is a 6. I Check, opponent bets out $500 I call. River is another 6. Board now reads k2766 no straights or flushes possible. I bet out $1200 and get raised All-In. I End up calling and lose everything. Guy turns over 22 for a full house 22266

Mary asks…

What type of poker is heads up poker on tv?

There is only 1 vs 1 at a time with a Perminant dealer. I know practically nothing about poker.

admin answers:

When a hand of poker is down to only two players, or a game of poker between just two players.

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